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Experiencing Miracles Once A Month!

January 7, 2014       On Higher Ground

Miracles Happen

Once a Month!

Mathematician John Littlewood

Has a Way of Measuring Good Luck

Littlewood’s Law.  Know it?  It is mathematician, John Edensor Littlewood’s theorem that proposes that what we think of as miracles should happen to everyone about once every thirty-five days. He defined a miracle as an event that has a one in a million chance of happening.

A cult favorite 1986 book written by Littlewood showed various mathematical ways of looking at the world. The strongest being Littlewood's law.

When everyone nowadays is buying into the Law of Attraction for being everything one wants to hear, the real world is harsh and as brutal as bubblegum stuck in your hair, and we don't notice that blessings come in many forms, even ones that jerk us out of harm's way even if it doesn't look like it from the outset.  If you do receive a blessing, be thankful...and if you are superstitious, you can even mark the clock and calendar, while doing might not see the miracles that will happen outright but they will be there.  One in a million.  Every 35 days.  Figure it out.

Littlewood’s Law redefines the Biblical admonition that blessings fall on everyone into a mathematical theorem that can be actually measured, so it's no wonder that it caught on. So be thankful and keep an eye out for those things that fall your way no matter how unseemly they may be.  Miracles are never just getting lucky.  You get them all the time because the Lord is always good.


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