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Company History

DynamicMind Publishing Incorporated was established with the aim of providing positive reading materials with interesting and engaging stories, documentaries and visually captivating content which encourage readers to learn more.

As a big part of its business model which focuses on advocating intelligent reading, the company gears toward producing reading materials which promotes fun and entertaining learning that builds character, sharpens creativity, enhances communication skills and encourages good decision-making.

It also aims to offer best valued media mileage for businesses and companies that are aligned with our reading advocacy and shares our market of intelligent readers with our value-for-money advertising costs and high visibility through printed publications as well as through our website and other online portals.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a society of engaging, knowledgeable and well-rounded individuals that are molded by their passion of reading and continuous learning.

Our Mission

Our sole mission is to encourage everyone most specifically our countrymen to be devoted readers through our determination to create and offer diverse yet highly knowledgeable reading materials which many can relate and appreciate.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our READERS – to always give our best to research, create and make available smart and witty stories which will tickle one’s curiosity and uplift one’s intellect.

We are committed to our CONTRIBUTORS – to always provide an inspiring place to share their knowledge, talents, and skills towards the betterment of society by advocating intelligent reading.

We are committed to our ADVERTISERS and SHAREHOLDERS – to always create quality materials which the market will value to effectively promote visibility and be part of our humble advocacy.

Our Products


REACH KNOWLEDGE Magazine holds interesting and mind-challenging stories which adds general and field-specific knowledge that are timely and theme-inspired. This is the gateway towards fun learning which never gets dull, highly intellectual but is catered to every curious mind.

Magazine Sections:

The CURIOUS MIND section shall cover science stories, breakthroughs and recent discoveries in major branches of science.

The HOW IT WORKS section tackles stories on how things work, its processes or development which contributes to daily knowledge of the average person. The graphic and image-driven storytelling style provides better picture complementary to all.

The AMAZING PHILIPPINES section showcases tourism-friendly food, travel, and human-interest stories about the Philippines, or a specific part of the country. It doesn’t only promotes traditional offerings of the location but it also provides useful data which tourists and potential migrants would be interested in.

The TECH BUZZ section shall cover gadgets, robotics, mobile technology and modern advancements which are relevant to the current lifestyle.

The section is dedicated to animal-focused stories from breed profiles to human-interest topics which shall melt an animal-loving heart. The section shall have interchanging sub-sections per issue:
      * Dog Bits
      * Fur and Purr
      * Kings of Sky
      * Into the Wild
      * Aqua Conquerors
      * Planet Reptilian
      * Fun Crawlers

The section features stories that revolve around profiles and news on plants, trees and flowers. It's a section dedicated to readers with a green thumb and an environmentally-emphatic mind.

The section tackles relevant stories and news on medicine, general health and wellness which aids readers in improving one's welfare.

The section includes features and reviews of impressive vehicles of different lines such as cars, trucks, boats, planes, and heavy equipment, among others. It will also include tips on driving, operating or maintaining these toys for the big boys.

The section features world's mysteries and conspiracy theories in archaeology and astronomy which tickles one's beliefs and perception.

BUILDING BLOCK features Do-it-Yourself tips on basic home improvement, decors, repair and maintenance and even arts and crafts.

The section highlights the life of an individual that serves as a living inspiration to others because of their success, their experiences and how they contributed in making the world a better place.

The section holds inept beauty expressed through creative mediums and traditions which reflects culture and the nation’s persona. This is where the ever-curious mind meets the world of beauty which defines the essence of a community, a society and the world.

The section contains inspirational and self-improvement tips to boost one's overall esteem. It also tackles skill-specific advices for one’s personal and career growth.

The WITHIN REACH section contains lifestyle articles, current news and PR news which are relevant to bulking up one’s awareness to the world.

A monthly supplement magazine attached to REACH as an added reading material for the gamefowl and pigeon aficionados. The supplement shall include 2 bonus sections:
      * Gamefowl Circuit
      * Pigeon Talk


REACH UNLIMITED is the unlimited source of knowledge from science, literature and even personality development, among others. The website offers news and updates of a variety of topics and subject matter – any that will fit one’s interest and tickle one’s fancy. Aside from containing sections similar to its printed version, REACH Magazine, it also contains special features that will satisfy a curious mind:

Special Features:

MEMORY ANGEL ROMANCES is our entry into the exciting publishing world of pulp romances. The FREE online stories published in segmented chapters will allow readers to experience thrilling and anticipated joy of series reading.

IMAGINARIUM is a crossroad where arts and literature merge. The section includes comic stories from a pool of local talented artists and storytellers that emerged from the highly celebrated KomiKon. Special stories are also available on REACH KNOWLEDGE magazine.

eBIZ PAGE offers the best value online advertisement and promotions for small and medium enterprises which seeks online presence. The advertising opportunity however extends towards the printed publication in cost-effective bundles and packages.

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