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Blitz Chess: One of the most Exciting Sanctioned Board Game Sports
Most sports fan think that chess is a boring game becuase it takes hours for competitive sanctioned games to resolve. But a format change similar to volleyball may be the best thing to happen to the sport. What is Blitz Chess and who are the top players in the world? If you have a board already, you just need a clock timer or you can configure your smartphone to have a chess clock timer for easier use.
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I Refuse Rue!
Kimberly Anne XilinHong is a senior student at St. Katarina High School who does not believe in love. She thinks it is just a distraction and that aiming to be the Valedictorian of her batch is far more important than falling in love. But why in the world is the class president, Rutherford "Rue" Lim, following her around school? Why is he so persistent in making her join extra curricular activities when she needs to focus on her studies? Will Kimmy finally open her heart to the hottest guy in school, or will she forever shut the doors of love and refuse Rue?
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Peaches In Heaven
Peaches and Andy are childhood friends. Both their parents are business partners from a company they manage abroad. Peaches has feelings for her friend and hopes that one day, be able to muster up the courage to tell Andy that she loves him. That window of opportunity came one fateful summer break while Peaches and Andy were visiting their ancestral home. This is the story of a boy, and a girl, and the sweet scent of peaches in summer.
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SN Ultra is a mall often crowded with a lot of people. One of the reasons why is that they always host different events like anime conventions, which are popular among cosplayers. This is the story of a new elavator operator, who meets the most bizaare people on her way to the top and last floors of the mall... (wait, could "that" actually be part of the mall?!)
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