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Gamefowl Conformation: High Stationed versus Medium Stationed
Many breeders choose high stationed gamefowl as the default for their fighter pool, not only because they look 'guapo' but because they have longer reach when striking with knives. Medium to medium-high fighters have an advantage only street smart cockers prefer--when the fight is close in, they kill and win.
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Democrats: Smart Hatch-Kelso Grounders
A cross of 3/4 Hatch and 1/4 kelso, these were some of the original Power-plus-Cutting crosses that ruled the pits. Democrats are still bred pure as their own bloodline for fixing into other broodstock. Known as smart and excellent ground fighting shufflers.
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Pierce Wisconsin Red Shuffler
The red shuffler is an old bloodline that some affectionate breeders still keep for its killer back-against-the-wall deadliness, and still being a fast, shuffle hitting, smart fighter that can kill from any angle.
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Brassback: Yer Spangle Bruiser
Off-color gamefowl used to be culled as they were viewed as an inferior or recessive trait bearer. But not the Brassback, which is treasured precisely because of its spangled feathers. Brassback fowl fight as wicked as the original Albany and Warhorse broodstock and have attracted a fancy among certain breeders who like off-color gamefowl who fight well.
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Pyle: Full Metal Slasher
The Pyle is one of unique off-color gamefowl known for its gameness and slashing prowess. An awesome killing machine with the long knife on its spurs, it takes no prisoners as a Full Metal Slasher.
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Typewriter: Relentless Power
Blue gamefowl are some of the most underrated pit fighters around. The Wilkens Typewriter is one awesome fighting machine with relentless power in its shuffle attacks in the air or on the ground. As deep game as any modern gamefowl you can match up with.
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Warhorse: Fast Cutting Black
Blacks are some of the fightingest gamefowl and supposedly a good match for the Sweater. The Warhorse is one Black fowl that is favored by the Old Guard of Gamefowl aficionados despite modern breeds having their heyday in the pit. This deadly cutting rooster fights as well as any black and has deep game as any other good pit fighter.
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Blueface Hatch: Power Extreme
All Hatches are power gamefowl. They hit hard enough to stun an opponent into submission. On top of that single stroke power, they have good cutting, gameness, and break high to evade attacks. The Blueface Hatch is one of the Hatch Breeds that is always welcome as a pit fighter in any gamefowl breeder's arsenal and for infusing power into other lines.
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Albany: The Sneak
The Albany is one of those fighting cocks of the Old Guard of gamefowl breeders. For these seasoned veteran cockers, few roosters, including the modern whirlwind killing machines, are better than the Albany, and even less are its equal as one smart battlefowl
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Yellow Leg Hatch: Yer Power Slasher
The most feared among the Hatch family of gamefowl. It is a cross of the Blueface Hatch, the Whitehackle and the Roundhead. It is also the smarter fighter among all the Hatches which have a reputation of attack, attack and attack. The Yellow Leg Hatch does initiate the fight but it fights smart, sometimes in a counterattacking style.
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Butcher: Weaving & Cutting
The Butcher is one of the smartest fighting Reds. One of the deadliest in the short knife slasher, hitting head and neck like an assassin. Is also a consistent body slasher gamefowl in the same knife category. A wicked fighter if you can get the Phil Marsh maintained bloodline.
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Why Gamefowl Change Fighting Styles in the Pit?
Many gamefowl breeders are rather perplexed when their champion sparring cocks suddenly change their natural fighting form when encountering a strange opponent in the pit. Sometimes cocks may not be used to the different environment with bright lights and a crowd of noisy bettors. But more often, your fighting rooster is just doing its best to survive and kill the other rooster.
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McRae: Smart Counter Puncher
Like the Lemon, which makes 'abang' before moving in for the kill, the McRae has fight smarts written all over its genes, Good cutters that counter slash when an opponent commits to the attack. They have been bred into the new Vertical Sweater too by the Nesmiths so you know they're top rooster too.
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Radio: That Cackling Fiend
A favorite of Johnny Jumper for being a noisy cackling annoyance of a rooster, the RADIO can fight as well as most reds and is regarded as one of the old school brawlers. Today, the breed may be regarded as slower than the current speed engines but the Radio is still a good base stock for breeding good gamefowl.
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Sid Taylor Blacks: The Stylish Cutter
Sid Taylor Blacks are some of the best Black fowl to choose as broodstock, and they are as aggressive as Brown Red Irish fowl that sired them. Stylish cutters, these gamefowl are formidable in the air and relentless on the ground. They have offbeat timing that makes them smarter gamefowl.
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Whitehackle: Aggressive Power
Whitehackle gamefowl make for one of the finest broodstocks for any sabong aficionado, They combine power hitting and unmatched gameness into an awesome pit fighting engine of a rooster. It is also one of the broodstocks used in creating the new Kelso crosses and Sweater crosses that are very popular today.
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For the Love of Gamefowl : Michael Ian Espinosa
Gamefowl aficionado from Negros, Michael Espinosa hosts a Cebu based radio program about gamefowl breeding and gamefowl science. He is also a gamefowl breeder and advocates accessibility to all the vital gamefowl basic knowledge for everyone to enjoy the sport whether he be a rich gamefowl breeder with a farm or just the regular Pinoy with a trio in his backyard with big dreams of winning a local pit fight. Check out Rey Bejenting's interview with this amazing Negros man dedicated to gamefowl as a hobby and sport.
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A Beginner's Guide: An Interview with Jorge Goittia, expert consultant of Firebird Farms
Everything you wanted to know about Gamefowl. All the easy to understand bits and fight science, and backhistory, Firebird Gamfarm's own Jorge Goittia, a personal friend of Sir Biboy Enriquez explains his thorough knowledge of gamefowl science as well as personal anecdotes about how he fell in love with the Gentleman's Sport.
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Claret: Power and Cutting
This is the old school of pure bloodlines as a better gamefowl. Among the best of the red roosters, the Claret is a staple of any gamefowl breeder farm for use as base foundation or as pit fighter themselves. Clarets are smart single stroke fighters, hit hard enough to stun and are good cutters wth as much game as other reds.
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Bulick (Dom): Matalino, Mabilis, Malaslas
Other nonbelievers say it's a Sweater and Hatch in disguise. Yes, the bloodline has Sweater in it, but the Dominique Gamefowl, locally known as Bulick is a superior fighter on its own. Fast attacking, intelligent at picking off its opponent with perfect timing. A very lethal opponent. The Bulick has its own dedicated set of fans and breeders too. Camouflage has never been this deceiving until you see it in action. The Bulick won the WSC back to back in 2007 and 2008.
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LEMON: Your Homegrown Champion
The Lemon is a uniquely FIlipino homegrown bloodline from Negros, bred by sabungero stalwarts like Paeng Araneta, Batchoy Alunan, and Juancho Aguirre. This bloodline is intelligent, fast, and a good cutter. It is still deadly despite modern gamefowl being the toughest opponents in the pit today.
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Brown Red: Speed and Quickness Kills
Used as either relentless pit fighter or as broodstock, the Brown Red is all speed and quickness with a cutting attack second to none. Infused into other bloodlines, the Brown Red makes these gamefowl crosses better and faster hitting killers. Speed kills.
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The ASIL: The Angry Asian Rooster
The Asil by itself is unique as Indians and Pakistanis revere the bird as the perfect breed of gamefowl. Breeders use the bloodline to infuse the unique traits of the Asil such as power hitting, gameness and endurance.
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Roundhead: Better Red Than Dead
Another amazing 'Texas' fighter. As tough as a Kelso in any matchup. A fair bet to win a fight. Good cutting, fast and smart shuffling combined with power afer recent crosses with Hatch blood has made this gamefowl the best of the pure REDS.
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The Fighting Sweater: The Toughest Gamefowl Brawler that made Champion
Carol Nesmith developed the line now popular as the winningest breed of gamefowl in derbies - the Sweater. Everybody wants their own broodstock for their farm. Practically unbeatable in the pit, these proven champions are now being used as base stock for specialized fighting crosses with the Kelso, Hatch and other fighting bloodlines.
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Kelso: The Smartest Fighting Rooster AND the Magic of Crossbreeding
The sure bet. Gameness can sometimes be a crutch if the brave jump into the enemy's blade. Kelso's fight smart by weaving like a boxer and taking to the enemy after dodging death. A Kelso can take his opponent in the air or on the ground. Proof that cross breeding was a daring choice for improving stock in the old days, a time when linebreeding was the norm and any mixed breed was seen as inferior until it won straight contests consistently.
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Grey: The Smokin' Talisayin that Murders the Texas
Superstitious aficionados claim that the Talisayin is a sure bet only during the full moon or the frist quarter moon of the month. Not anymore. The dehado gamefowl is now one winning dark horse after better breeding infusions. Bred to perfection with Sweater, Hatch and Kelso infusions, the Grey is now one white rooster that wins big.
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Blademastery at Level 20: Firebird Farms own Robie Yu Panis
Firebird Farms' Robie Yu Panis is not only one of the winningest gamefowl gaffers in the country. She is one of a few female gaffers whose blademastery has proven that a smart woman can be the best at her craft even in the bloodsport of gamefowl fighting.
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Basic Breeding For Gamefowl: Inbreed To Fix Traits, Cross Breed To Add Traits
Most Gamefowl aficionados do not know what breeding methods to use for their fighters. Here is a short rundown on why each method is chosen for what purpose.
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Line Breeding: Why Inbreeding Beats Other Breeding Methods For FIXING Gamefowl Traits
Scientific Poultry Books say it can't be done. So do some livestock veterinarians. But gamefowl breeders of old swear by the method of line breeding as proff that carefully managed inbreeding within a line produces the best fighters and keeps a winning line for several generations.
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Gamefowl: Why Filipinos Love it and How to Get into the Sport
A Brief Reminder on Why We are Nuts over Gamefowl than Women, Wine and Song. And of course, how to get into all that crazy action.
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Gamefowl Fighting Styles!
Want to know how each of your favorite Bloodline fights inside the ring? Here is a rundown of the most popular Gamefowl Bloodline fighting styles among the roosters you will come across in derbies and mains all across our sabong loving nation. Looking for a bloodline to help improve your own broodstock, check out our list so you know what traits go best with your own favored gamefowl.
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The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing Gamefowl before a Derby )
The KEEP is a conditioning method for fighting fowl that is patterned after the latest studies of human athletic competition.
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