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Jertie's Kitchen & Sugarleaf: The Green Guide to Eating Right
Jertie's Kitchen is a home based catering group partnered with SugarLeaf Organic Market and Cafe for a series of Cooking Workshops for healthier living through Organic Recipes. Food lovers can avail of the cooking workshops for a nominal registration fee. Check out the dates for your preferences.
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In 2014 Wattpad Makes its Mark!
2014 is the year when Wattpad became the favored app of 5 million Filipino users of all ages. We look at the recent MIBF forum where Allen gave a talk with some Wattpad authors celebrating the success of Wattpad among its user community and the rabid fan base of the best Pinoy YA romance authors.
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VIKING SCREAMFEST: Celebrating the 1814 - 2014 Bicentennial of Norwegian Constitution!
Chinese Ghost Month is coming around starting August and lasts for a whole month into September. To remind us all of spooky in the second half of the year, we are posting a picture blog of an event we attended last May 17 about scary movies that really rocked. A Norwegian Horror Movie Marathon in Makati sponsored by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in celebration of its 200 year anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution. Check it out.
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Philippine ToyCon 2014: Another Loot Grab for a Month's Salary
The Toycon 2014 was another of our yearly must-visit events. If only to check out really cheap comics. But also to chase that Disney Frozen action figure. Other highlights of the event were Batman\'s 75th Anniversary awarding Batman world cosplayers, a glimpse of the upcoming merchandise for Marvel\'s Guardians of the Galaxy and the Rurouni Kenshin movie costume exhibit.
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The Beautiful Game: World Cup 2014 In Brazil
Its here again. You won't see it for another 4 years if you miss it. Who's your favorite team and player? We're betting on the cossacks to win it all. Or maybe England if Jermaine Defoe is playing.
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