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Manila Gaming Events: DoTA 2 Tournaments
Manila is now both a national and international hub for professional eGaming (also called eSports) events. eGaming has become a legit community recreational event all over the world and fans are crowdfunding player prizes off in-game merchandise loot offers. Because Filipinos are rabid fans of DotA2 as any other gaming country community in the world, the dedication and local support by Pinoys for the game to fluorish here for gamers has led international outfits like ESL Gaming Network and PGL to have major tournaments held in Manila. Expect more soon.
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Your Dollhouse Hobby: What to Look For
Forget getting the latest smartphone for your child. If you want him or her to have a better creative play experience growing up, get them a dollhouse! There are plenty of custom builders selling your preference of dollhouse online and maybe in your nearby craft market gathering--you can even sketch plans and have a good woodcraft builder make one for you since Paete, Laguna is known for having the best of woodcraft artisans in the country. For your dollhouses accessories, you can also check dollhouse hobby shops and artisan portals like for one-of-a-kind mini-furnishings for your dollhouse.
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Game Designer Eric Lang Talks about Board Games
Renown game designer Eric Lang had a good long talk about creating board games at a recent Games Library event in a local toy convention. Eric talked about the discipline and creative design in games that requires streamlining all elements to focus on what the heart of the game is all about. This includes tweaking mechanics and flavor through careful and extensive playtesting. He also advocated for an awareness that most inspirations or situations in life can be adapted to a game design.
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Custom Arcade Cabinets: Retro Gamer
Boys will always be boys. Video games are a big part of our childhood , and these days, custom builders of Arcade Game Cabinets are making some of the best special-order gaming machines for everyone, from celebrities to large companies and even royalty. Own your own arcade cabinet custom video machine or get one for your kids. It doesnt just play one old video game classic but you can load a single arcade machine with hundreds of vintage games off the PC engine emulator.
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Filipino Martial Arts: Knife Fighting for Special Forces of the World
If Kung Fu or WuShu as a martial art has become a popular Olympic sport and entertainment spectacle for Chinese action epics , the Filipino Martial Art of Kali stick and knife fighting has become standard training for the world's Special Forces troops because of its effective and consistent performance in life or death situations. Know why you might need to learn how to defend yourself in off-grid situations with a blade fighting system.
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Guitar Hero: Be the Hero Who OutDuels the Devil
Fan- favorite Guitar Hero has surpassed fan expectations of gamers who are into rhythm video games. The game offers air guitar fans a toy for playing 'covers' of their favorite rock and metal guitar songs.. The game platfrom has even allowed some rock bands to have blockbuster hits like Dragonforce's Throught the Fire and Flames, one of the 'boss' level songs to strike a chord with gamers.
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Dance Dance Revolution: From Freestyle to Fitness Program Favorite!
Cult arcade game that created a new excuse for every kid to FREESTYLE. This music video rhythm game is now one of the best machines for getting a fitness regimen based on dance exercise. Schools can even avail of a special wireless model called Dance Dance Revolution Classroom Edition for their Gym and Fitness programs.
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Rubik's Cube: A Game, a Hobby, and a Sport
Filipino Canadian Speed Cube Master, Kris de Asis is the fastest 5x5 Rubik's Cube solver in the world. Check out his sport and one of the most endearing toys and hobbies ever to come around for gamers, the Rubik's Cube.
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Instant Classics Again: Rip' Snorting Sequels to your Favorite Games
We review Diablo 3, Epic Mickey 2, and Darksiders 2, all three instant classics in the making. Giving you more of the same, addicting gameplay and eye candy visuals. That's worth more entertainment than anything for the same price of under P2000 or so per game title. And you can play them forever like they were meant to be.
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The Best Gaming Fix for Frugal Gamers: Get an Old (New) Console
Do you still enjoy playing old video games? No rush into gettin that shiny new HD console and the latest games when you can get a perfectly intact, brand new console popular from 13 years ago! If the latest console costs $300 or so, just you wait for a few years until the price drops. For the meantime, knock your sox off by grabbing a very nice, out-of-the-box retro console from online gamer stores and enjoy all the spanking great games available from extensive game libraries.
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Kamagong Arnis Sticks: The Best Weapon for Filipino Martial Arts Training and Survival Gear
Filipino Martial Arts training is renown the world over as one of the best street smart and street lethal self defense systems. If you want to learn arnis or stick fighting, as well as keep yourself protected with a weapon for survival and emergency situations, the best choice isn\'t any bladed weapon nor a gun but a Kamagong Arnis Stick.
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