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Memory Angel Romances

My Best Friend's Girlfriend And I'm A Girl! ( 3 X 3 Hearts )
Having a crush on your pretty girl friend is normal. But what if you also have the hots for your girl friend's boyfriend because he's prettier than you? Bishonen and Bishojo love is everything it is, wholesome and sweet!
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Designer In Love ( 3 X 3 Hearts )
Hannah was SMOKING! the eyes of her manager Raffy, and even her guy friend, Geth has the hots for her. Everybody hates Raffy at the office for being as overbearing and nasty as he is. Every lady in the office wished they could jump Geth before they got married or if the gods willing, marry him even. Who will Hannah love?
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Mister Dreamboy Visits (3 X 3 HEARTS)
Probinsyana lass meets handsome celebrity rocker who has a sexy girlfriend. Who wins his heart? Whirlwind romance and the best reason to visit Puerto Princesa and check out all of the secret places in Amazing Palawan.
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