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Oshkosh J-LTV Is The NEW U.S. Army Workhorse!

November 25, 2015       Muscle Machines
Oshkosh J-LTV
New Workhorse Vehicle for U.S. Troops

Loved them HumVees when they replaced the Jeep as the U.S. Army's troop carrier eons ago?  You will drool over a possible civvie version of the new armored light vehicle that replaces the now vulnerable and obsolete Hummer (HMMVW) light truck:  the Oshkosh J-LTV.

Image is all rights reserved to Oshkosh Corp.
The J-LTV.  A new armored light truck replacing the
Hummer fleet of the U.S.

Getting awarded a glorious $6.75-billion contract for 17,000 new armored light trucks by the U.S. Department of Defense, Oshkosh Corp from Wisconsin beat out AM General aka the HumVee (HMMVW) maker, as well as BAE Systems, and Lockheed Martin for new designs for a more protected and all-terrain troop carrier.  Check out their website for more tech specs of the new J-LTV.

AM General, the HumVee manufacturer offered THIS design for the J-LTV

Lockheed offered three variants of its own J-LTV truck, one for combat,
one for transport, and for evac.

Renown ordnance manufacturer, BAE systems had this '
tank' truck for the J-LTV trials.

GTV tank truck version of the J-LTV...looking very APC.

The current fleet of Humvees runs up to 140,000 and will be retired over time as both the Marines and the Army are buying a total of 55,000 examples of the new spanking J-LTV.  Total cost for this defense upgrade runs to a $30-billion.  Each J-LTV is expected to cost $399,000.  The Marine Corps is expected to receive the first delivery of vehicles for field testing and they will be combat-ready and deployed by 2019.

video is all rights reserved to TopGunMilitary channel on You Tube.
Take a look at the new OshKosh J-LTV in action as it is driven over
variable terrain conditions in one of many video features
about the new troop carrier.

The J-LTV Monster Advantage: 
Heavy Armor and All-Terrain.  Modular Mission Systems.

The J-LTV combines the safety and armor protection of larger armored personnel carriers with great maneuverability and adaptability over variable terrain found in combat zones.  The armored truck is up to 3 times heavier (15 tons) than the Humvee (5 tons) with better armor protection to survive treacherous explosive munitions attacks used by terrorists.

The J-LTV armored light truck has an adjustable suspension system that can be raised and lowered and has 20 inches of wheel travel.  The new troop truck has automatic fire suppression system and an armor system designed to optimize survivability against ballistic and blast threats.  Everything better and improved for survival and utility over the old Humvee workhorse vehicle.  

The 'tank' truck designs not chosen:  AM General, GTV, and Lockheed.

For ordnance, the J-LTV can also be mounted with a remote controlled weapon system-roof turret and flexible rear modules for mission specific requirements.  It comes with all the ultra-modern and sophisticated communications gear AND improvised-explosive device countermeasures as well as advanced GPS navigation gear.  What's not to love if U.S. troops can ride into any battlefront, safe and ready to kick terrorist butt? 

But every young man's dream for this monster is a civilian version. all pimped out  and featured on MTV.


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