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Survival Trailer Systems: Not Just For Camping Trips

August 15, 2016       Muscle Machines
Trailer Systems for
the Outdoors
Not just f
or camping trips,
trailer systems
complete an emergency survival rig for
any vehicle

We see full-sized, pick-up trucks in our country more often as luxury vehicles rather than the work vehicles they are in the West.  In the Philippines, small trucks with beds are called pick-up trucks and used for small cargo utility.  Trailer systems are not really as popular locally as essential rigs for adventure trips or camping.  Stuff can be stolen from your trailer rig if it does not have secure storage.

But having a custom trailer system can just be your personal lifesaving carry-all emergency rig.  A complete, self-contained survival system for anyone prepping his vehicle for bug-out situations.

Given plenty of situations when people need to evacuate from their locations due to the incidence of calamities (landslides, earthquakes) and severe storms in our country, having one of these might help your family endure any long term trip to a safer area and these outdoor trailers are also great fun to tow along during family camping trips or outdoor adventuring among the young adults in your brood.

Here is a brief look at the most popular brands in the world:

Campa All-Terrain Trailers

Since 2007, Campa USA from Ohio, has offered all-terrain trailers to anybody looking for a ready solution for disaster and survival vehicle rigs.  They have compact EVS trailer systems which can have overhead tent platforms for above ground rest and sleep quarters in the outdoors.  The rig itself is a very compact storage unit for everything from water filtration devices, emergency batteries, a pantry and larder, cold storage, communications survival equipment and everything else you would need in an emergency situation.  Stuff that comes in handy for family camping trips that double as your lifeline if you need to bug out of any geographic area in danger.

Image Credit: Trailer systems from Camp USA All Terrain Systems
Campa USA's All Terrain towed trailer systems have a
military, compact design that is both sturdy and very modular.

Campa Expedition Vehicle System (EVS)

The Campa EVS is a complete vehicle solution running on a custom built 2007 Toyota Tacoma with modular designs for compartments and other survival gear solutions such as water containers and filtration, kitchen units, GPS, mobile communications and more.  The truck is outfitted with a bespoke rear cab you see in the image below from their website product profile, a housing module that can safely store and protect everything you need for outdoor adventuring and survival trips, plus a tent cabin on top of it all as your field sleeping quarters.

Image Credit: Trailer systems from Camp USA EVS Trailer Systems

In fact, the Campa EVS is made of fabricated stainless steel and aluminum and can be adapted to other truck makes and models and is a complete survival vehicle system on its own.  Other noteworthy options include cold storage, hot water shower, sleeping quarters, a 17 gallon water tank and protective Faraday cages for sensitive electronics.  Chris Cole is the founder of Campa USA, and his company can rig your own EVS system in seven weeks for custom future orders.  Visit for more info

Image Credit:  Manley ORV Company
Manley Survival Trailer system based on old U.S. Army M416 trailer.

Manley ORV Trailer

Designed to look like an old military trailer, the M416, the Manley off-road vehicle trailer is a functional, utilitarian and customizable rig where adventurers can throw all their gear in the trailer and keep their dog in the back of their vehicle instead.
  The Manley is a six foot long cabin for stowing equipment and stores and can come with a top rack and the popular pop-up tent.  The rig rides on 33-inch tires with a hitch-mounted recovery hook also available.  Check out their website for this simple, bare bones, yet utilitarian trailer classic.

Image Credit:  Conqueror Off-Road Campers website
The Conqueror Commander-S trailer system

UEV Conqueror Series

A rig designed after the military proven UEV-490, the Commander-S Conqueror is a camping-adventurer and survival trailer system all-in-one.  If you want a hardcore, military spec trailer system for your survival vehicle, you cannot go wrong with UEV--which has a range of models to suit any survival or outland adventure requirement.   It has an independent suspension system and a hard roof to keep the trailer intact and compactly secure.

Image Credit:  Conqueror Off-Road Campers website
The Conqueror Commander-S trailer system set up as a
camping base and sleeping module.

When set up as a base camp, the UEV Commander-S trailer has a modular built-in kitchen, queen size bed sleeping quarters, bath/shower booth, multiple modular storage compartments for equipment, stores--90 liter fridge/freezer and pantry plus a streamlined tent design that uses minimum poles, pegs and ropes. Customization features include solar panel racks for off-grid power generation.  This trailer system may be one of the few trailer systems that can go over almost every kind of off-road terrain and carry your adventuring equipment or survival gear like a lightweight tank.

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

Among manufacturers of outdoor adventuring trailers that double as camping quarters, Timberleaf is a popular maker of teardrop style retro-trailers that are outfitted with a fully insulated cabin-sleeping quarters and kitted out with drawer compartments for cooking equipment and gear, a 12 gallon storage tank, a bespoke cooler, as well as storage compartments for other outdoor camping and survival needs.  Teardrop trailers are popular outdoor camping trailers in the west and used to be a 60's or 70s popular fad, now revived among modern trailer enthusiasts looking for survival trailers with style, that don't look too military-survivalist in their design but are mobile camping cabins that can double as a survival trailer in a pinch.

Image Credit: Timberleaf teardrop trailers.
Teardrop cabin trailers are popular among outdoor adventurists and
this one from Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers is a popular choice for
outdoor enthusiasts looking for a nice cabin for road trips.

There are many more survival trailer systems available in the market and numerous custom builders the world over, some offering outright camper shells that double as trailer systems for equipment and stores carrier.  The survival trailer has gone a long way from being an oversized wheelbarrow for hauling coal and firewood.


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