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A Book Cave for your Bedroom

May 7, 2014       Building Block
A Book Cave for your Bedroom

Was the last time you had a bookcase in your bedroom during school?  For the avid reader who lives for books, jam-packed bookcases are loaded with a lifeline of ideas, stories, and stories within stories, everything good and tasty for any downtime you have before hitting the sack. 

You just got to read something in your cave, whether before snoozing off or getting back to the real world.  If you are too pooped to read, there are some tomes set aside for just browsing, or rereading favorite parts of a dirty romance, or going back over some prose stylist passages that you didn't completely get the first time around.

Given the chance to set up one's sleeping quarters, first option is to haul your trusty bookshelves from the living room and make a fortress of books in your bedroom. 

Stacks of books sitting in arm's reach invite you to meet new friends or get reacquainted with old buddies.  No bedroom is too small to have friends over--and your books are your best buds for life.

Storage Options

House dust from living in the metro might force you to keep closed-door cases or keep your collection on floating shelves with a semblance of draping worn cloths to protect special books. 

If you just have to have your bedroom look pretty, instead of insanely dorm-ish, you can get some antique bookcases from some garage sale.  Your bedroom has to be more purposeful than just a place to sleep---make it a secret library you can snooze in.  Floor to ceiling built-ins might be too much for some, but a wall of books is just as pleasing as a crowded shelf of your favorite toy collectibles. 

Tough having bookcases in your bedroom due to space constraints?  You can have old drawers sitting next to your bed like trays filled with some of your worn books that can stand shabby storage.  Just because you can never have enough books too.  So keep them in your bedroom.  

Some might find this distracting, having books all over the place, but you love your books and you don't mind being surrounded by them and have your bedroom end up like a dark and cozy wizard's library.   You'd be like a dragon sitting on a hoard, but your treasure will always be worth more than just trinkets and baubles.   


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