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Pygmy Donkey as Guard Pet and Best Buddy

March 3, 2017       Within Reach
Dwarfen Donkeys
as Work-Pets
Want a child-friendly, smart pet
that can help haul stuff around?

Like the family dog, dwarfen donkeys are playful by nature affectionate to humans.  They care for their owners and get along easily with children; even toddlers, and are a joy to own with their quirky antics and comic dog-like attention to their owners.  Dwarfen donkeys bond for life but you can't just own one, you have to buy a mate for your jack (male donkey) or jennet (female donkey).  The Dwarfen donkey stands at the highest, 36 inches and under at the wither.  These pets are naturally fluffy and furry so if you bring one over to the Philippines or buy one from a local seller, make sure you are capable of caring for its well-being, grooming and feeding.

Image Credit:  Triple R Horse Rescue

Smarter than most other farm animals and like work dogs, dwarfen donkeys have long memories and are easily trained to haul or behave when given verbal orders.  Dwarfen donkeys are also hardy beasts of burden, and this serves them well as pets because they can live in almost any environment, from the cold to sweltering summer.  But you still have to be a responsible pet owner and care for their well-being by caring for their grooming and feeding lest they be infested with ticks, intestinal parasites or malnutrition.  They weigh anywhere between 200 to 350 lbs.o nce they are fully mature. 

Donkey Feeding and Maintenance

Feeding a dwarfen donkey is not hard, all you need to do is make sure they have a good quality hay, grains, a salt block, and fresh, clean water.  You can grow certain kinds of tall grass or bamboo that provide leaves for your donkey.  They also might enjoy banana peel or orange fruit peel as treats as well as certain kinds of fruits like apples, and veggies too like radish and cabbage.

And of course, a mini donkey needs exercise like any other animal. It is important that your backyard or farm property have enough open space in the donkey stall for grazing and exercising. Mini-donkeys do not belong in cities, in condos, or in hi-rise buildings. They need space to walk around and shelter from the rain, snow, and other elements.

The dwarfen donkey stall or housing should be kept dry and draft-free.  Keep your pet's stable safe and free from fur and internal parasites.  You can do this by using diametaceous earth spread on the grounds of your donkey stall and in areas where they will frolic.  Instead of using chemicals to keep your donkey's stall pest free, the dust silica or even using wood dust (kusot) will eliminate pests who are dehydrated once the mineral is ingested and as microscopic dust the diametaceous earth's sharp edges tears insects skeletons apart from the inside.

Image Credit:  Safer  (fair use)

Dwarfen donkeys can adapt to most environments and climates, and only need to have their hooves trimmed every 2 months or so and be de-wormed and treated for intestinal parasites on a regular basis.  Regular livestock vaccines also apply to them.

Horsing Around with Jack and Jenny

There are many activities you can enjoy with a miniature donkey. They are easy to train to lead and pull a cart. What fun it is for a couple of kids (or middle aged kids!) to ride in a cart pulled by a donkey.

Dwarfen donkeys are affectionate with children and they seem to be behave extra carefully and act kind around toddlers.  Donkeys by nature are docile, huggable and easy-going animals that kids will enjoy roughing it up with them--like playing with a big stuffed toy.  Dwarfen donkeys won't kick or bite unless it is hurt willfully or cruelly by its playmate.

Image Credit  Clovercrest Miniature Donkey breeders NX (Fair use)

If you use one as a work horse pet, it will willingly haul you around on a small wheeled carriage or pull a mini-cargo wagon to move things around your sprawl or farm once you train it how to do its chore.  As a show pet, dwarfen donkeys are remarkable too and are valued for their handsome features.

Older members of the family can use a dwarfen donkey pet as therapy companions just like dogs and keep sick kids or recuperating loved ones inspired and happy as a huggable pet.  These animals will require some space to move around and must have a clean and sheltered stable.

Breeding Dwarfen Donkeys as a Business

Dwarfen donkeys can be ideal to breed for off-grid use and present a smart resource for additional income. They are small, easy to manage and keep healthy. Demand for mini-donkeys as pets may be good in the provinces and among homes with sizable backyards and exotic pets are favored by a caring family.  Breeders who breed for good conformation can be successful if selling top donkey pets.  The smaller donkey breed sell themselves with their charming bashfulness and love of people, and easy- going nature.

If you have a big backyard in your urban home or have a homestead or small off-grid farm, choosing a dwarfen donkey as your work horse pet should bring countless hours of joy, play-time and companionship with your kids and family.


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