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Rediscover Diatomaceous Earth! Organic and Natural Pest Control

May 10, 2017       Within Reach
Diatomaceous Earth!

Pick an organic and natural solution for
wiping out pest colonies inside your
home or spread in your garden, backyard,
small farm or homestead.

What is the most lethal product out there that kills every creepy crawly from cockroaches inside your home, to fleas, ticks and bed bugs living in your pet's fur or under your bed mattress?  It isn't any of those brand name sprays or repellents--just diatomaceous earth, a silica infused mineral that along with sawdust can be used to treat outdoor pests while the cheap food grade producrs, either generic or branded can be used for the home in killing pests where they frolic or hide.

Whether summer or rainy season, ticks, bugs, cockroaches and other pests have a heyday even when you use bug spray, and bug spray can cause respiratory and skin allergies for those who have weak constitution, especially if the odors stay stagnant inside your home or building.  A better way for getting rid of entire colonies of pests and harmful insects is diatomaceous earth.

The white chalky powder is actually organic, fossil shell-dust: like
microscopic glass shards that can scrape away protective
insect wax,  shred insect innards and exoskeletal parts as well
as act as a micropore sieve to wash away both parasites
and cholesterol from your body and from pet's bodies.

Mechanical Action is Better than Chemical Warfare

As derogatory and profane, Chemical Warfare (
the Dead Kennedy's anthem), should be enjoyed only for laughs and juvenile tripping out on punk rock, and not as a way of killing pests because residue from chemical household sprays and liquids only increase bad air inside your home that may have long term health hazards for you and your family.  Bug spray residue is known to break down into ammonia and formaldehyde-like chemicals that can build up in your body and cause cancer.

Bug spray residue can even increase the growth of toxic molds (fungi) which are an even bigger and more dangerous health hazard than anyone thinks they are.  You can avoid these biochemical and pathogenic hazards by using a natural and green pest treatment that works via mechanically annihilating entire pest colonies like food-grade, organic diatomaceous earth.

Diatomaceous earth works by cutting through the soft skeletal structure and innards of insects once ingested into their breathing pores--like stuffing them with broken glass.  DE also absorbs both moisture and rubs off the waxy outer coating of small insects, in effect drying out pests from the inside out, killing them via dehydration--it works on almost all insects from bed bugs to ants and termites plus the all too annoying ticks and fleas and bacteria carrying cockroaches.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth on Bed Bugs from
 Urbanns Organic Green DE
  (Fair Use)

If you notice animals like chicken or even dogs, they get into dirt patches or scratch out dry earth and rub their bodies there like a dust bath--this makes the dust dry out any parasite in their feathers or fur.  So adding organic diatomaceous earth to the surrounding areas of your farm or backyard where your chicken, pigeons or other animals wallow around will help get rid of parasites better.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth on Bed Bugs from
 Urbanns Organic Green DE
  (Fair Use)

Just having diatomaceous earth lying in the dust will already reduce insect populations in your home area.  Like microscopic barbed wire or broken shards, your backyard becomes a minefield for pests.

If you buy a branded DE product from a hardware or pet store,
it may look like this.  (SaferBrand - Fair use)

Caveat: Meds-Veterinarians may Waylay You with False Science

There are some veterinary doctors or animal health practitioners who will vouch for biochemical solutions instead of diatomaceous earth.  Internal medicine or topical medicine applications instead of a green, natural substance that has for generations been effective at treating pests.

The mindset of the medical practitioner or veterinaran is always to discourage homeopathic treatments in favor of biochemical solutions.  Only veterinarians with open minds who actually know the truth and effectiveness of DE as treatment will tell you otherwise.  Veterinarians will claim offhand that food grade DE contain the same toxic amounts of crystalline silica as the industrial grade variants which is a false claim.

Those who push for biochemical medicine will use false statistical data to prove their point:  diatomaceous earth loses its cutting edge at certain humid temperatures.  When imbibed internally, they claim that food grade DE can cause scarring in lungs of humans.  They say dehydration for pests will not occur once DE mixes with saliva of a person or rooster--a contention that has been refuted because aside from dehydration, the microscopic nature of DE is the equivalent of
breathing in or eating broken glass or  for insects and parasites--it rips their innards and soft skeletal structures to shred but is essentially harmless to humans because of scale--human tissue is not as fragile as insect tissue and DE has almost the same function as organic charcoal--filtering parasites and toxins out of your body.

DE is a remedy for bed bugs, and ticks, if you can get them to walk through it. By itself DE doesn’t attract insects, nor does it give off poisonous fumes. Bugs have to come into contact with DE for it to work by scarping off the waxy coats on their shells to dehydrate the buggers, or get inhaled in their breathing pores and scrape their innards to shreds like broken glass.

DE is also believed to kill internal parasites by filtering them like a micropore sieve and getting passed out of the host as feces.

Food grade DE can also be available in your supermarket
and look like this, packed in small bags.

Get Food Grade DE

Another reason for taking a daily dose in one's food of DE is for the silica content. Silica deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, brittle nails, thinning hair, bleeding gums, and sagging skin.  When consuming DE, make sure you get the food grade stuff.

Industrial grade DE is the type used in swimming pool filters to remove parasites and scrape off algae build up, it contains high levels of crystalline silica, which is toxic to the body. 

Food grade DE is primarily amorphous silica which can be safely ingested.  Silica in DE combined with water creates orthosilicic acid which both human and animal bodies can absorb and use to form and strengthen tissues.  If you feed food grade DE to your gamefowl or pets as a parasite remover, make sure you give them extra water because it can be dehydrating.


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