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Edubuntu: Your Linux OS with FREE Educational Apps for all Learning Levels

October 15, 2014       Tech Buzz


Get Ahead Using an Educational Package that

Comes Free with a Linux OS (Ubuntu distro)

There are amazing computing solutions available from Open Source software movements like Ubuntu, a Linux OS designed to be user-friendly, fast running on minimal system requirements, and still powerful enough to deliver satisfying a variety of user requirements.  The best thing about Open Source software is that it is FREE and a dedicated community of developers continue to update the available distributions in the best development strategy seen for non-corporate branded software.

Recently, a German city saved millions of dollars by converting most of its computing requirements to Ubuntu.  In our own country, there are daunting tasks for educating an increasing number of youth and equipping them with competitive computing skills to help them learn better and survive.  Given very limited resources, something like Edubuntu is one of the amazing yet underrated Linux OS packages that come pre-installed with a complete educational learning suite of useful apps for primary students, for secondary school students and even up to university level students.

Edubuntu 13.10 is an Ubuntu spin for homes with kids still studying and needing useful apps that usually come at a steep price with branded paid software.  All Edubuntu distros come preloaded with education-related applications including some remarkable good stuff for science and engineering.  Edubuntu is an OS that contains all the best free software available for aiding educational requirement for students and is a very easy to install and maintain platform.

Edubuntu 13.10 Download and Install

Edubuntu downloads for ISO weigh in at 2.97 GB of space, so unless your ISP provides fast download speeds it will take around 10 hours or so to get the entire distro off a torrent download, which is safer than the direct download which might get cut off if your system hiccups.  Edubuntu gives you a powerful suite of the best Linux Open source applications dedicated to multimedia and educational use. You can also the Linux Distro in 32-bit version (for slower older systems) or in 64-bit (for modern systems) version.

The Edubuntu Desktop

Edubuntu 13.10 uses Unity for its desktop environment which is popular for users preferring a clean layout for their desktop compared with the flashier KDE dektop on other Ubuntu distros.  Icons for search, the home folder, Firefox, LibreOffice, the Ubuntu Software Center and System Settings appear by default on the desktop.

As an operating system arsenal of educational software and games, desktop publishing applications, and even painting and 3D rendering software, EDUBUNTU offers a FREE alternative computing package compared to paid software. 

The devoted Linux community for Ubuntu improves each part of EDUBUNTU and you can configure the OS to update itself automatically when new versions become available. Even low-income families needing a low-cost computer can have a powerhouse with just EDUBUNTU. Schools looking to equip students with the most power at the least cost should also check into this amazing Linux Distro..

Star Maps and constellations on one Edubuntu science app

Kalcium is a chemistry study app for learning
the periodic table and elements

Mister Potato Head is a paper doll game with
the ubquitous mr Potato Head

Ubuntu Package

Edubuntu also comes with a regular suite of popular Ubuntu apps, from LibreOffice as your word processor, spreadsheet, slideshow package, Firefox as the web browser and a few more Ubuntu goodies.  You and your kids can write documents, create a slide show presentation, and put together a spreadsheet of your budget or business expenses, aside form the core educational app suites.

If you are a family or a school looking for affordable computing solutions, get the latest Edubuntu Long Term Solution  (LTS) Linux distro and grab a whole lot of goodies for FREE that will run decently on whatever recent hardware you can manage.  Open Source somputing with Linux and Ubuntu distros guarantee the BEST VALUE  for investing in educational computing solutions for learning for any group.


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