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To Stay Healthy, Make Time For Fun

December 17, 2013       Health & Healing
To Stay Healthy,
Make Time for Fun

Most of the time, we are so caught up in the rat race and worried about bad times that we lose sight of the real value of doing work - not just putting food on the table and paying off the bills; but also to have time for ourselves and enjoy life as best as we can manage. 

Time we set aside to enjoy ourselves is gold. If all you do is rest and recover from the week’s grind, then you might be setting yourself up for depression since the weekends are literally your only escape from hell. But if you use or schedule time for cultivating your own hobbies, and also enjoying activities with your loved ones—this will help you deal more creatively and be more adaptive to life’s ups and lows. Being able to find things that make you happy and making time for them also keeps you healthy too.

Put down a list of activities you haven’t done before that you might enjoy. Do one adventure or hobby every weekend and if your schedule permits, Wednesdays can also be set for a midweek gig as simple as taking an hour to read your favorite book - just anything that makes you happier before the day ends. And it doesn’t even need to be expensive hobby or activity because that brings its own set of headaches.

Before you add anything on your wacky to-do’s, run it off our fun list requirements: 

MAKE A PLAYLIST--stuff to do to get plenty of kicks and wiggly wings.

MIXER – allowing you to interact and connect with other people.
ABSORBING—challenging enough to keep your mind off the clock and on 
CHANGE OF PACE—it contrasts from how you spend the entire day at work.

  • Play hoops with my homies.
  • Learn how to dance like a Kpop Star.
  • Learn a new song on your guitar
  • Ride your bike up that hiking trail.
  • Fill your sketchbook with doodles and ideas.
  • Catch up on your reading.  A favorite novel.
  • Cook something special for the family and friends.
What is your playlist for FUN?


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