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Use a Charcoal Poultice

October 9, 2014       Health & Healing
Use a Charcoal Poultice
To Heal Infections and Remove Poisons

A charcoal poultice uses activated charcoal to help lessen pain
and pull toxins out of your body.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is carbon that has been treated with oxygen to make the material more porous. Porous charcoal has chemical / molecular properties that draw out organic impurities from your bloodstream.  When applied as a poultice to an affected area of your body, the active carbon causes impurities such as poison, germs, and other unwanted chemicals to be drawn to it and then absorbed by the charcoal.

The charcoal acts like a magnet and a sink for the chemical impurities sweated out by the skin, impurities which may cause infection, inflammation and other ailments.

Activated charcoal is also used as air purifying filters and water filters to trap and remove organic poisons and bacteria from the environment or from your water supply grid.  In survival gear, active carbon filters let you drink water from the stream or any water source safely by removing toxins and harmful bacteria. 

Active carbon is found in certain  medicated soaps for treating skin conditions as a better antiseptic and disinfectant.  It can clean air of foul smells when used in deodorizers. 

How Does a Poultice Work?

Poultices function by letting the herbal wrap seep its healing components into your skin tissue and do their medically beneficial effects or the other way around, drawing toxins and poisons or body wastes out of the body through sweat and oils secreted by the skin where the poultice is applied. 

In the case of a poultice made from activated charcoal, the molecular properties of activated charcoal attract organic toxins and then bond to them so that they are removed from your body and absorbed by the charcoal.

Why Use a Charcoal Poultice?

  1. Pain reduction, Reduce swelling and inflammation
  2. Draw out infections
  3. Treat boils
  4. Draw out toxicity that causes liver disorders
  5. Provide pain relief
  6. Lessen muscle soreness

How to Make and Apply a Charcoal Poultice
Components of an Active Carbon Charcoal Poultice:

  • Activated charcoal powder  ( you can bash or grind charcoal fuel bricks into finer powder )
  • Water
  • A porous soft cloth or bandage gauze
  • Soft plastic wrap (used for sandwich)
  • Bandage wrap or roll or strips of cloth
  • Safety pins


  • Mix two to three tablespoons of activated charcoal powder with a small amount of water.
  • Add just enough water to make a spreadable paste then spread over a layer of gauze.
  • Cover it with another strip of gauze so that the charcoal paste is between the two wraps of gauze.
  • Place the poultice over the afflicted body part, taking care to make sure that gauze covers the entire affected area. 
  • Wrap the soft plastic over the top of the poultice.
  • Wrap the entire thing with a cloth strip and then secure it in place with safety pins.
  • Leave the poultice in place for up to ten hours, replacing as necessary when the poultice dries out.

Caveats and Cautions

  • Never reuse a poultice - always make a fresh one.
  • Change out the poultice if the charcoal paste becomes dry.
  • Serious injuries, illness, inflammations and sprains need medical attention. Before you self-treat serious illness or injury, visit your personal health care provider for appropriate treatment.


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