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Signs We are Heading for another Mass Extinction

November 22, 2013       Curious Mind
Signs a Mass Extinction
Is Up and Coming!

A mass extinction happens when over 75 percent of all species on the planet die in a period of less than two million years. Seem like a long time coming for you?  It’s a massive loss if measured in geologic time.  Five mass extinctions on Earth over the past 540 million years have been brought by catastrophic disasters. It might seem that doom is coming again and here are some warning signs for the impending wipeout…

Yellowstone Is Rising

Yellowstone Park in the United States is really a volcano caldera, a thin covering of land keeping a massive underground vault of broiling magma from flowing out. And the caldera is slowly rising which might mean a mega-volcano blast of epic proportions sometime soon.  About 250 million years ago, in Siberia, a similar eruption occurred and it didn't stop for about a thousand years—emitting massive clouds of sulfur, carbon other greenhouse gases causing extreme climate change wildly fluctuating from extreme heat and cold until 95 percent of all life had died—‘the Great Dying’ according to geologists. Yellowstone might be the same nasty.

Humans Consuming Resources Everywhere Like Sharks

On Earth, humans have occupied every continent except Antarctica, ballooning the population to over 7 billion individuals and eating everything in sight. Like rats and cockroaches, we are the ultimate invasive species, pushing many creatures out of their native habitats —ultimately the death of most other creatures on a massive scale. Like the Devonian extinction when sharks ate up everything in sight and 75 per cent of all species on earth blinked out because they could not find food anywhere or relocate fast enough to adapt.

Climate Change

The melting Arctic ice cap has raised sea levels. The planet IS gettng warmer and weather patterns are changing.  Humans might not even be the only cause of this climate change — the planet has suffered through dramatic shifts in temperature many times over its history. The scary news is that pretty much every time that happens there's a mass extinction.

Most of the Big Animals are Dead

In the last 50 thousand years, species are becoming less diverse and most of the really big animals mastodons and giant wallabies, to giant sloths are entirely gone. This winking out of an entire class of creatures reveal a very unusual extinction pattern indicating another big one might be coming sooner than we expect.

Even the recent fictional account of NOAH, the movie about the great flood revealed a lot of interesting ideas that may hold true about the earth regenerating via mass extinction, that may or may not be divine in nature. 

As the U.S. Government is issuing severe but understated alarm and warning about Yellowstone, it seems something is amiss and we have a very tumultuous future ahead of us as far as possible cataclysms are concerned.


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