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Travel is Amazing: Learn Street Smarts, Resilience and Life Lessons

December 27, 2016       On Higher Ground
Travel is Amazing
Not just for adventure and success,
becoming street smart, patient and
learning that life is good everywhere.

Next year is the Yin Fire Rooster according to the Chinese Lunar calendar and it is supposed to be a year perfect for new beginnings.  One new beginning for anyone may include traveling outside of the country for either work or study.  By travel, we mean going into a place far removed from your usual haunts.  Pinoys may already be the poster child for being the most audacious travelers as OFWs or foreign students in the world.

Go out there and exploring opportunities when you get the chance to work and relocate in a different country or have similar opportunities for post graduate studies.

Learning People Skills

If you ever plan on being an entrepreneur, travel helps you learn life-lessons developing people skills.  Since we are in the ASEAN, we get to familiarize yourself with distinct cultural and social nuances that you must negotiate with.  We are different even from our neighbors and we have figure out how to be patient and flexible while adapting to unfamiliar customs.  Learning how to workout solutions when encountering different cultures is a life lesson worth all the trouble in the world.

Urban backpackers explore a foreign city before
deciding to come back for more opportunities.

In a work situation you can either be a leader or choose a role as a cog specialist who helps his team mates work better.  An online game like DotA2 already creates this environment but in real life you are placed in a field to deal with actual encounters.  Just trust your instincts and decide for yourself how to be with people.  New friends can be helpful in situations over time, and of course you also meet the kind of people you will learn to stay away from.  Often, the same markers for good people exist in the other side of the world as they do for people you know here, but bad people in our own backyard may be different from the bad people on the opposite side of the world.  Like hip-hop dudes.

Builds Creative Inspiration

Learning to be flexible and adapt to unfamiliar environments and cultural differences will get you finding creative ways to deal.  This is an inspiring challenge and you can go against the grain and be a disruptor that takes advantage of opportunities and trends with insights only you will have.

Pinoy, Jose Reyes became a celebrated basket designer in the U.S.
after recreating the Nantucket fish basket as a designer purse
for women in the 1960s.

If you think like a tinker—figuring out how things are put together, taking things apart to see how they work and rebuild them to work better.  You will enjoy the experience of being in a different place and learn new ways of doing things to add to your own skill set.

Self-esteem Boost when You Do Well in a Different Place

Traveling gives you the opportunity to grow wiser which also boosts your confidence. You get to learn that on your own in a strange place, you can still overcome challenges and do great things once you are given a fair shake to do well.  Be more thankful for the chance to travel because you know that you can make your dreams work out if you can be better doing what you do in a different place.

Becoming successful in a foreign land has its rewards.  You can achieve
better than you hoped for, and in hindsight hope you always do.

The next time you have an opportunity to go to any place, from a 2-hour bus ride into Laguna to see Paete and the local artisans or up north to Baguio to see how the City of Flowers has become a melting pot for locals, South Koreans and expat retirees.  Or best of all, moving around in the ASEAN community to start anew and finding a niche as a pioneer Pinoy entrepreneur.

Travel will allow you to find opportunities and help you grow.


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