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A Lamborghini Over Any Other

November 23, 2013       Muscle Machines

For brand cachet overpower. For being extreme, uncompromising and crazy Italian macho (as opposed to the refined Italian sexy of Ferrari). For the mecha-cockpit styled, scissor doors no other marquee can imitate without looking ridiculous.

Because owning one is like owning a quick and fast, stealth fighter on wheels—that rudely FORGETS it is a stealth fighter because it constantly barks every time you floor it. The Aventador will howl like mad—like a lycanthrope on the chase—if you push the speed redline. One rude-looking stealth fighter from a crazy macho carrozzeria indeed. Worth all the trouble on the streets.

There is that constant knot in your gut telling you to drive CAREFULLY for fear of becoming wreck pretzel around a tree if you get carried away with afterburner. Other European supercars have forgotten this essential experience of driving a sports exoticar—constant danger.  Too comfy and responsive rides and safer handling often take the fun out of supercars that used to thrive on cutting edge driving skill.

The new Audi owners of Lamborghini have refocused engineering improvements on what was the previous iteration's quirk—better road handling. Leaving how fast it can rocket as last priority. But when reviewed by some British car reviewers (Top Gear UK), the Aventador still clocked 215 mph in supercar time (2.9 seconds); making us remember that rocket science is already clockwork Italian.

The Germans merely provided their own forte—the new suspension uses racing-style pushrod inboard dampers and springs that enable the Aventador to cut corners at high speed and still grip the road. There are three driver-selectable settings: strada ("road," in manual or automatic mode), sport (manual or automatic), and corsa ("track," or manual only).

Power comes from a 6.5-liter, 700-horsepower V-12 engine—one of the few relics of supercar tech as most of the modern competition are scaling down to tricked-out V8s that have the same kick as a V-12 guzzler. Peak power redlines at 8,250 rpm, while the 509 pound-feet of torque peaks at 5,500 rpm. The body of the Aventador is a miracle of carbon fiber shell—literally stealth fighter skin—and aluminium front and rear subframes.

Finish options include a good variety of colors, including three matte. Two-tone luxury leather wraps the interior. And a premium audio system is always an option if the sound of a Lamborghini's engine revving up isn't metal enough for you.

As with most supercars, the Aventador as city roamer underperforms. Is way too loud. And hates traffic lights like anything respectable on wheels.

But the car really sings when devouring the open road. Driven with more daring, the Aventador becomes were-bull on-the-hunt. Fast. Agile. And almost invincible (but never risk careless). You don't just smile as it roars street lethal, chasing the horizon—instead, the howl of the engine acknowledges what you already know—you laugh because the on Ferrari.

Because no other car does road lust like a Lamborghini. Who wants refined driving sexy when you can come in an Aventador? Touted as the most beautiful Lamborghini ever, the Aventador will surely be as indelible as the Diablo and the classic Countach among fans.

PGA AUTOMOBILE Inc. is the distributor of marquee brands like Audi and Porsche, and Bentley.

Also. they are the exclusive authorized dealer of Lamborghini in Manila. The showroom is at Bonifacio Global City, at Lane 0, Taguig.


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