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10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The Philippines

April 15, 2014 | By: Cherleen Manette Aquino       Amazing Philippines
Summer will never be complete without hitting the beach. The Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands; hence, it has a lot of pristine beaches that it is proud of. 

Here is a list of the ten most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, in no particular order. 

1. Nagsasa Cove, Pundaquit, Zambales 

It takes hours of butt-numbing bus rides, scary boat rides, and long walks on the trail before it can be reached. However, the rock formations, peaceful river water, and the picturesque view will relieve all the muscle pain and heart attacks that were experienced during the trip going to very beautiful Nagsasa Cove. 

2. Cagbalete Island, Quezon 

Cagbalete Island in Mauban, Quezon is both mysterious and interesting. A tropical island with its fine white sand bars in the whole stretch of the island, it is home to numerous animals and sea creature like coconut crabs. There are several activities that can be enjoyed in Cagbalete Island, such as trekking, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling or simply beach bumming. 

3. Calaguas Islands, Camarines Norte 

Calaguas Islands is the private paradise that everybody is dreaming of. Its long stretches of clear blue water and powdery white sand that is even finer than the sands of Boracay is something to be proud of.  

Calaguas Islands is a group of islands composed of three major islands — Tinaga Island, Guintinua Island, and Maculabo Island — and other minor islands. The most popular beach in the island is the captivating Mahabang Buhangin beach. 

4. El Nido, Palawan 

Voted by CNNGo as the “Best Beach and Island Destination in the Philippines”, El Nido, Palawan will blow your mind with its hidden lagoons and secret beaches. 

The Twin Beaches Nacpan and Calitang is one of the popular beach destinations in El Nido. Its undeveloped beach is a long stretch of white sand beach with turquoise blue water. A strip of white sand that separates the twin beaches is dotted with plants and trees. 

Other islands and beaches that should be explored are the Secret Beach, Nacpan Beach, Cadlao Island, Dilumacad, Marimegmeg, Bacuit Bay, Matinloc Island, the El Nido Resorts, and Pinasil Island. 

5. Coron, Palawan 

Coron is famous for Kayangan Lake, believed to be the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines. It is known for its diving spots where beautiful corals and the sunken World War II Japanese shipwrecks can be found; hence the name “Shipwreck Diving Capital of the Philippines”. 

6. Boracay Island, Aklan 

Boracay Island is famous for its powdery white sand. It is considered as a favorite white sand beach in the Philippines where food, adventure, and nightlife are at its best. However, the island beaches are crowded; hence, Boracay is not recommended for people who are looking for a serene place where they can reflect and meditate. 

7. Baler, Aurora 

The beaches of Baler, Aurora are undoubtedly stunning and magnificent. Now a popular surfing destination, surfers from around the globe are starting to flock in Baler for its perfect giant waves. The breathtaking seascape is also an exciting subject to photographers. Beach buffs enjoy beach-hopping in Sabang Beach, Cemento Beach, and the islands of Dimadilangat, Aniao, and Lukso-Lukso.

8. Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte 

Beach buffs would always recommend Pagudpud as the perfect go-to getaway for those who would like to stay away from the maddening crowd of commercialized beaches. The most visited and must-see beach destinations in Pagudpud are Saud Beach, Blue Lagoon, and Maira-ira Beach. 

9. Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur 

Caramoan Islands used to be a secret paradise. Despite the commercialization, it was able to maintain is charm as an uncultivated and unexploited paradise destination. There are a lot of water sports and land activities that can be enjoyed in the ten islands of Caramoan such as island hopping and snorkeling. 

10. Laiya, San Juan, Batangas 

Laiya is one of the most well-known beach destinations in the Philippines. Despite the commercialization of the place, people still prefer to go to Laiya because of its relaxing ambience and white beaches. Laiya is just a two-hour drive away from Manila. It can be reached by car or bus. 

The list does go on but one thing remains to be true, the Philippines has more beach destinations waiting to be discovered, travelled, and appreciated. 


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