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REACH UNIVERSITY: A Magazine Launch Party!

September 3, 2014 | By: DYNAMICMIND PUBLISHING INC.       Reach Out
REACH University!
A Publication Launch Celebrating our
Reading Advocacy and Learning Project:
Reach Knowledge magazine and

Last August 29th was the best Friday of the year of the Wooden Horse for DynamicMind Publishing Inc.  We had our formal magazine launch that rainy night and had a grand time presenting our special guests with a celebration of the reading advocacy project that promises the best in good reading for everyone.  The event was held at The Library, a themed restaurant in Metrowalk Pasig with a very special library style interior suited to any function or celebration in the busy Metro.

Reach University! is also our event for unveiling the 8th issue of our Knowledge Magazine in its special new 88 page format, also covering the Miss Tourism Philippines 2014 event.  Most of the contestants of the pageant promoting Philippine Tourism attended and were given special copies of the Survival issue (magazine number 8 for us).  Reach Knowledge magazine number 8 featured celebrity mom, Miss Valerie Concepcion on the cover as a single parent making good in her career and in her family life, raising a very smart daughter.  The magazine's survival theme also features more smart beauties who have armed themselves with a good education as well as entrepreneurial smarts to go ahead and make good with careers after their reign as winners of beauty pageants.

We all had a blast that night, enjoying an evening of joyous celebration presenting our reading advocacy project to our special guests and to the public.

The REACH magazine team greeting our special guests
at the reception area for the event

A lull before the storm. the REACH magazine reception crew waiting
for more of our special friends to drop by.

The buffet area where the Library staff serve our
special guests with their awesomefood for an eat-all-you-can
celebration for the best in good reading--REACH magazine

The Library can't be beat for great service and the best food in town. 
Here is a sample of our repast that evening!

Special school-themed delicious cupcakes for our special guests!

A bevy of beauties enjoying the magazine launch, REACH is
also covering the Miss Tourism Philippines event this year!

The parade of contestants presented to the public at the REACH
magazine launch.  Miss Tourism Philippines 2014 is another
unique beauty pageant promoting the country's tourism efforts.

Behind the scenes during the celebrations are REACH magazine's crew:
 Carmela (left) and Grace (middle) enjoying a respite and relaxing.

Carmela with brotherly Ferdie Valerio, the graphic design
team of the magazine!

Indomitable editor-in-chief Koko Tamura beginning the
presentation of the magazine as a reading advocacy project
for the best in good reading for everyone.

Miss Koko talks about all the hard work that goes into every magazine
issue for all of our readers to be entertained and also know better
To have better opportunities and to survive in a challenging
world by reading REACH magazine.

A dance performance by The Library's in-house group of
artist performers to start off the festivities!

Our special guests invited for the magazine launch enjoy a nice
evening with good food and great entertainment as well as a
presentation about the company's Reading Advocacy project.

A special song, Journey (from Lea Salonga's hits), by Ms. Chantall Arrio as
a slideshow played on the screen showing how REACH magazine evolved.

Another of the evening's rousing performances to entertain everyone,
a Rock anthem from one of The Library's mainstay
entertainment groups.

The winners of the Reach University! Campus Crush
for the evening!  Congratulations!

Marketing manager Ador Villanueva taking charge of the
prize raffle for our special guests.

One of the raffle winners of the evening, posing for our web crew. 
REACH has the smartest looking friends and readers!

One of the raffle winners getting a sweet prize
from the REACH magazine team!

The REACH University 'Class Picture' ! 

The REACH University 'Class Picture' to end
the Magazine Launch celebrations!


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