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Food Truck Businesses Taking Off!

December 11, 2014       Muscle Machines
Food on the Roll

Mobile food carts on 3 wheels might be more familiar to Filipinos, but recently, the western food truck concept has been establishing itself as a legit mobile fast food service, and you will see Food Trucks roaming around the metro and everywhere. Yes, the mobile food cart just got even more sophisticated, and now it’s the new hype in the local food industry.

But let’s take a closer look at the features of a standard food truck and why it is getting more followers and fans among Pinoys looking for good food on the go.

Kitchen on the Move

Check out a standard food truck’s kitchen set-up: it has a sink, a cooking area, supply cupboards and even a freezer or a refrigerator storage facility built in inside the truck according to custom specs.  Most of the time, a food truck has customized equipment according to the food product the company is offering.

A truck’s kitchen is usually built with a stainless working area for easier cleaning and sanitation. Added to the set-up are customized storage space that are strategically located either on top or below the working area to maximize vehicle space.

Follow the Pipes and Tubes

Since the most challenging aspect of a food truck is its self-contained space, the entire truck is lined with pipes and tubes for water, waste products, power and even gas for cooking. However, since food trucks do not have the luxury of space, tubes and pipes for each system are lined and set up in such a way that it cannot be hazardous – it must be heat insulated; durable; and most of all, the individual systems must be self contained and not overlap with one another to prevent mishaps.

Ventilation is Key

Add limited space for cooking and a need for a work area for dishwashing; that makes for a very tight working environment. That’s why one of the features of a standard food truck is a superb ventilation system. Having large windows and doors won't suffice.  A custom Food Truck needs an exhaust system and a fan motor to intentionally suck cooking fumes out of the truck.

Fire-Proof Walls and Ceiling

Not many fully understand the risks involved with cooking in an enclosed space, that’s why many food truck manufacturers and customizers make use of fire-proof materials for its walls and ceiling. And yes, even the storage cabinets and cupboards must be made of fire-proof materials like special gypsum boards.

Modified Service Windows

The service window opening of a food truck can be modified to fit one’s the food product: small openings for ice cream trucks to minimize refrigeration maintenance and larger openings for full meal product offerings.  The standard design consists of a sliding tempered-glass or movable panels which can be transformed into a counter for customers. But no matter how the truck windows be sized, a food truck shall always keep the service window opening fit for its type of food service for better customer access and as a possible emergency escape route in case of extreme situations.

Head-Turning Appearance

Just like any business, food trucks seek to attract attention whether with a unique and eye-catching design Like some ice cream trucks place a huge ice cream model on top of the trucks) or with neon-light signage or graffiti style street art on its body; sometimes it’s both.     

Bonus Features

Some food trucks also have a dine-in area either fitted on the side of the truck or if space permits, inside the truck itself.

Are you interested in a Food Truck business?  Having a fleet of two to three is a good start but might require some good capital investment and service personnel training.  But if you have at least one Food Truck, it doubles as your Off-the-Grid vehicle in case of emergencies and you can rig it as a survival vehicle in a jiffy too.


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