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In the Urban Jungle: Grow Your Own Food in Vegetable Container Gardens

March 18, 2014       Green-Minded
Growing Food
in Small Spaces

Wherever you live, in some condominium high-rise in the city or in some suburban community, you don't need a plot of land to grow fresh vegetables.  A lot of good food can be grown using simple containers that can be adequately drained. 

Container gardening allows you to have a window box growing food, from herbs for your pastas or vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers.  Select the bush or dwarf varieties of the vegetable you want to adapt to growing in a pot.  And even if you want full-size plant varieties, all you needs is a large enough pot and plenty of soil and water, and your greens will grow like sexy Mazone and reward you with plenty. 

Choose among vegetables that take up little space like carrots, radishes and lettuce, or goodies that bear fruit over a long period of time such as tomatoes and peppers for your container garden blessings.  Choose the bush varieties for vegetable staples to have better choices adapted to  container gardening.

You are only  limited by the size and number of containers you can keep at your place that won\'t be intrusive to your living space.  Use your imagination too, wall-hanging containers that still get air and sunshine save a lot of precious space and give you a wall of oxygen to boot.  What you can grow in a container vegetable garden is limited only by the size of the container and your imagination!

Containers and Pots for Vegetable Gardens

When selecting containers for your vegetable garden, you can have almost any kind of useful container from flower pots, pails, wire baskets, wooden boxes, window planters, to even washtubs and large food cans.


No matter what kind of container you choose for your vegetable garden, it should have holes at the base or in the bottom to permit drainage of excess water. Containers should drain so that excess water won\'t soak and rot the roots.

Soil and Fertilizer

There are garden specialists located  at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City who offer very affordable heirloom seeds, seedlings, and cheap and readily available garden soil mixes and composted organic fertilizer.  In other countries, you might get your own potting mixes at gardening shops.  You can make your own, of course.  Mixing in one part compost to two parts planting mix (soil or potting mix) will improve fertility.


You need to water your vegetable container frequently to keep your plants growing well. Once the root systems of your crops expand, more water will be needed.  Check your garden patiently every day to gauge your watering requirements. 

Heirloom Seeds

The Bureau of Plant Industries of the Department of Agriculture also offers heirloom seed varieties that have been proven and tested as productive food growing specimens for any local farmer to avail of as starter stock for his own farm.  Keeping stock of seed is always a good habit for any community that wants to be self sufficient and start its own food supply resource.

Contrary to expectations, container vegetable gardening can give you a really bountiful harvest! 

Having free food available always so you can scale whenever there are emergencies and food from the garden can go a long way for sustaining you in a fix or for survival in the long run.  

In the Miyazaki movie, Graveyard of the Fireflies, suburban Japan was really desperate during severe war rations and people bartered expensive heirloom goods for even a small vegetable to sustain them for their next meal. 

Living off the grid means less reliance on the support systems of the grid so that when the grid goes offline or conks out completely and cannot be restored, you survive when all the world goes to hell.


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