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The Best Toys of 2014 at ToyCON PH

December 24, 2014       Arts and Culture
The Best Toys of 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy, Board Games,
Big Hero 6, Anime Stuff, and MORE
from the December ToyCON PH!!

The December ToyCON PH event was an amazing year-ender for Toy Fans looking for their Good Stuff.  Browse through our photoblog of ToyPorn and check out what you may have missed at the best toy bazaar-convention in Manila bar none. 

At the next ToyCON PH 2015 in June of next year, you'll know how much to save for and be ready for another toy raid for your precious finds and collection hoard.  Enjoy!

More than one booth was selling LEGO Toys, if you are a fan of movies
and the vehicles or settings LEGO usually has a rig just for you. 
This one is from Pirates of the Carribean.

Star Wars fans will never be disappointed in adding vehicle toys made
by LEGO.  The fun part is in assembling the toy as well any variations
that can be made according to the LEGO parts included in the kit.

These are limited run collector's items and they appreciate in value
over time.  So buy 2 when the ToyCON rolls around next year, one to
play with and enjoy....

...and another to pay for your kids' college, when he or she grows up!

Last look at LEGO Star Wars display of one ToyCON PH 2014 booth...
gorgeous toys, always.

LEGO custom character magnets, one collectible version of your
favorite comic or movie characters.

Big Hero 6 was the sleeper hit Disney comic book movie of the year! 
Get your toys while they last.  Come the second movie, expect them
to increase in value too.

BayMax without armor action figure looks innocuous, but it is Sweet.

If you are not concerned with mint condition figures in their wrap or
box, you can get loose action figures for less and they still will be
great toys to play with or add to your movie character collection.

Board Games have come into their own over the past 5 years.
Making a resurgence as both fun activity TOYS, and as high value
collectibles too. 

There are around 10 Board Game cafes in the metro right now, each
a great place to find and test these toys before buying your own.

Board games have come a long way from just Snakes and Ladders,
Othello or Chess.  Each modern board game today is a testament to
great role-playing activities using just printed cardboard and tokens.

You don't need to buy a gaming console to buy a great game, check
out all the spookier Board Games you can enjoy!  They are as good
as that role-playing game on the computer or on a gaming console.
Order your board games from the Gaming Library.

One of the first things to check out before you buy the higher ticket
items are the loose action figs!  You might get a steal of a toy if you
aren't OC about mint condition collectibles.

Superhero action figs are also a fan favorite among toy collectors!

Nendoroid dolls of your fave characters are super-deformed anime
style Chibi-dolls.  They are a collectible of a kind that some toy fans
prefer--Japanese styled toy action figs and collectible dolls.

Randy Bowen is a renown sculptor for Toy designs and we spied an
Odin toy made from his sculpts, these are also limited run special
editions that are a precious penny  for some but priceless for
other toy collectors and fans of name toy sculptors.

Guardians of the Galaxy action figs are some of the best collectibles
given the franchise exploding Marvel's universe centered
entertainment media success.  Get yours at the next ToyCON PH!

Classic toys given a new twist include Gojira enemy, MechaGojira
or MechaGodzilla, a rather archaic and cumbersome Mecha-Dinosaur
Weapons platform to combat the  radioactive Tokyo defender. 
This beauty costs just under Php 7K.  Not bad for a one of kind toy.

Loose robot figures and sentai hero action figures are also a
precious toy hunter's paradise and looking at one display, you might
see that long lost MegaZORD toy you've been looking for.

One of the coolest MegaZORDs are also some of the impossible
looking ones, some even deride MegaZORDs as ugly, but if you fall
in love with a Sentai series, no matter how cheesy its MegaZORD,
the superRobot is one buy that no other toy can compete with. 
The G12 MegaZORD above costs Php 8K, and it is a mint DX version.

Sentai MegaZORDs will also be a better display on your toy altar
beside your Santo Nino, who guards your toy collection too.

Yup, they look CHEESY as only the Japanese can make them but
they are the most glorious, over-the-top toys you can give to a young
boy or girl whose religion is watching Sentai series.

All proper Japanese toys should look like this Sentai MegaZORD
....Heroic and Glorious.  Costing you just under Php 10K too

If you win the lottery, don't forget that this is what you won the
jackpot purchase a display of Sentai MegaZORDS!

Fans of classic Giant Robots also won't be let down, forget the
expensive TOMY versions.  Instead, get one of these loose plastic
Giant Robot action figs for cheaper, costing under P300.

They even have the complete Mazinger Z family of classic
Giant Robots!  Only at the ToyCON PH!

More MECHA goodness, looking at the display model kit at one booth
tells you why the ToyCON PH is the best place to find your mecha
model kit of choice.

A pillar with a wrap around tarp poster featuring Bandai's most
popular mecha kit toys, GUNDAM!

GunPLA and Gundam model kits are a staple find at the ToyCON PH
but you should grab your preferred Gundam kit as early as you can or
someone else buys it ahead of you.

More Gundam Goodies!  They are all worth your 2 month's salary or
Xmas bonus if you plan on getting several model kits at once, get
them during ToyCON PH!  You can order too from Wasabi Toys.

The last but not the least among MECHA toys, Die-Cast Vehicles,
classic toys for metaltoy vehicle fans or TONKA fans, you can play
with these in the dirt too!

Anime character backpacks for kids of all ages!  Sturdy enough as
daypacks or school packs.  Anime merchandise is also a ToyCON PH fave.

Another look at the Anime styled character backpacks...great for
 younger brothers or sisters.

Printed anime character  Dakimakuras, or large Japanese pillows
are also another amazing find for those looking for their anime fix. 

Movie character Dolls and Action Figs are also a great find:
 Chucky is for the horror fan in you...or a gift for your ex.

Muppets action figs are also classic toys for older fans or kids who
still watch reruns of the children's show.

A talking doll, Woody from Toy Story is a good find for fans of
Disney movie characters.

For horror fans again, An action figure of Hellraiser Cenobite god,
Pinhead, a great parting gift to your ex too....'he has such sights
to show your ex'...

Stuffed toys are favorites for always, these are Anime character
stuffed toys, from Pokemon to My Little Pony.

Anime Cosplay fans will love to know that cosplay merchandise is
readily available at the ToyCON and they won't lack for choices for
their favorite cosplay costume and make-up accessories!

Anime Cosplay isn't complete without in-character Contact Lenses!

More Anime inspired merchandise, mousepads and smart
phone casings.

Fan-made Anime inspired Tees, from Tokusatsu sentai hero faves
to children's cartoon heroes.

More Fan-made Tees and Spoof Tees, Skeletor looks gorgeous,
and so do Rocksteady and Bebop.

Fan-made Anime inspired Spoofy undergarments, Pikachu
will look right  at home protecting your precious...

Sci-Fi inspired Statement Tees featuring your favorite shows!

Glow in the Dark Tees and baby-Tees at the ToyCON PH!  Featuring
League of Legends characters in this booth.

If you like cheese, grab a couple of these as gifts for younger friends
or family siblings, Bottle Cap superhero and cartoon necklaces.

Anime inspired book straps!

Anime and Star Wars spoofy Mugs make good gifts too!  More finds
 at the ToyCON PH!

More Anime-specialist and fan made merchandise at one
ToyCON PH booth.  Can never have enough of them.

One booth specializing in Kotobukiya Toy merchandise and
anime mecha we said, get your MECHA fix at the ToyCON!

Kotobukiya is one of the best toy makers for high end
anime toy merchandise and model kits.

One sculpted toy from Kotobukiya featured by the store featured
above.  These items are limited run toy sculpts for anime fan,
toy collectors.

Another anime toy sculpt from Kotobukiya Toys, they actually
have in-house toy sculptors who make these beauties.

The display booth for Kotobukiya Toys, action figures and toy sculpts.

More Japanese brand name Anime character action figures,
from CraneKing toys.

NECA brand tarp poster for their toy line, as distributed locally.  NECA
action figures can be found at the ToyCON PH so check your list and
grab your loot when you visit.

Xinzhida brand Kawaii anime character action figure dolls at the ToyCON.

PlayArts brand action figures from the fan-favorite Disney game,
Kingdom Hearts.

One Piece anime action figures and dolls for those crazy about
the beloved pirate ship adventure anime.

Figma brand anime character action figures and dolls look sweet.

If you love Bakuman, One Piece and Naruto, get your English version,
Shonen Jump comics for only P100 at the ToyCON!

Fan favorite anime, Card Captor Sakura has merchandise too--
check out the playable Clow cards featuring Sakura's powers.

Fans of Pacific Rim won't be disappointed at the ToyCON PH,
they have stock of both the Kaiju line and the Jaeger earth defenders.

Complete your Jaeger collection now!  Or at least at the next ToyCON,
they are worth the investment too...expect the next movie sequel 
to be a better blockbuster.

iAcademy is a school that offers digital arts courses using the Cintiq,
a draw-to-screen tool for digital artists.  Check out their website!

This guy shows prospective students how the Cintiq can make great art!

One of the precious curios at the ToyCON PH, anime themed folding
paper fans!  Great gifts for your loved ones.

I unfolded one of the paper fans just so readers can see what they
look like...neat huh?

For movie fans who can't have enough of their movie faves,
one booth was selling movie posters framed, this Marilyn Monroe
pin-up will look sweet wherever it is placed, preferably your toy room.

More movie posters, some Japanese movie poster prints, all framed.

One interesting find for nostalgic kids-grown-up, a Voltes V lunchbox.

One booth had prints of fantasy maps for sale, like Middle-Earth's
cartograph hanging next to your bed?  Get them at the ToyCON!

Or get the genealogy of your favorite fantasy characters hanging
in your reading room with this interesting print.

Fan-made superhero painted art for sale for just P200.....the
Joker looks hot!

More art prints from the booth selling superhero fan art...

One board game seller, was offering this anime inspired book,
a collectible item.

Last but maybe the most precious of them all, a Star Wars Millenium
Falcon model rig, this treasure costing Php 13K, not impossible
for the die-hard Star Wars toy collector.

When the next ToyCON PH comes around in June 2015, don't forget the items you can find from what we've shown you.  Make a list of your must-haves then save up for them so that you get Christmas in June, then Christmas again in December!  The ToyCON PH is a twice a year event, so don't miss it or lose out on the experience of wading through the Best Toy Exhibit and Convention in Manila.


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