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Gladiator Sandals are your Eternal Summer Sexy

April 22, 2014       Within Reach
Strappy Sandals are here to stay! 

Gladiator shoes are sexy for dates, summer music festivals and even formal galas.

Around for the last 7 years or so as a seasonal favorite, Gladiator shoes have now come into their own as a must-have sandal for any smart lady's footwear collection.  Gladiator sandals are best worn with short skirts, three-quarter jeans, cut-offs or shorts, and legwear that shows off the strappy leathers, most girls wear them with anything.  Strappy sandals or Gladiator shoes are a timeless summer fashion statement, for both comfort, boldness and excess.  The leather strap sandals were originally worn by men, Greek warriors particularly, and have been adapted by bolder shoe designers to fit women even better and way sexier.

Greek style, knee-high gladiator shoes show off your legs and make a bold statement, but you can choose the lower calf length for a head turning strappy sandal that looks even sexier than leather boots.  Whatever style of gladiator sandals you prefer, the variations we've seen by brands and designer houses are sure to spice up your look like black lingerie in see-through dresses turn guys heads and make them walk into a lamp post. You just gotta love anything like that.

Designers like Alexander Wang, and brand, Chinese Laundry revive the look every year with bolder and sexier designs that keep the style fresh and uniquely its own.  You love them or you hate them is how strappy gladiators hit your fashion bug.  You have shoes with layers and fringes or draped details, all put together with a cage of sexy leather straps, buckles and studs.  There are affordable gladiator shoes in the market, but the high street has its own precious strappy pumps and sandals so you can buy a pair to your heart's content and budget.

For guys, they might seem rather too feminine for comfort, but a sweet pair should beat the metal out of any Doc Martens or skater shoe for hombre cachet the way long hair makes any guy prettier AND scarier than a shaved pate.  Strappy sandals are like Chuck Taylors, you can wear them for any occasion or place, a black tie event or to that music festival in the boondocks.

Popular celebrities who've worn a pair both casually and to gala events include Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Blunt, Chloe Moretz and Gwyneth Paltrow.,


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