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Practical Ways To Save Money

April 12, 2014 | By: Cherleen Manette Aquino       On Higher Ground
Practical Ways
of Saving Up

Saving money is not really hard. Being efficient and wise with money will result to a savings worth thousands of pesos each year. Understanding how to treat money, paying off debt, identifying spending habits, reducing expenses, building investments, and increasing savings will turn finances around.

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The first step on saving money is creating a budget to closely track all expenses. Explore the numerous surprising and practical ways to save money, especially on food, transportation, health, and home.

Buy groceries in volume. 
Cook meals at home. 
Know which grocery stores sell items at cheaper price. 
Bring a coupon when planning to eat out. 
Create a weekly menu list before going to the grocery… and stick to the list. 
Give up the store-bought coffees. Buy a flask and make your own coffee. 
Buy fruits in season. 

Shop around for the best car insurance premium. 
Inquire for any available car insurance discount. 
Raise the deductibles on car insurance. 
Use the public transportation, ride the bike or walk to work.
Get an oil change every 30,000 miles. 
Remove the clutter inside the car. Extra weight is equivalent to worse gas mileage. 
Buy a better air filter. 

Brush the teeth twice a day and use floss. 
Buy generic drugs. 
Whether it is a red wine, white Russian, dark beer, or straight-up hard liquor, establish a six-drink limit per week. 
Wake up 30 minutes earlier and get some exercise. Invest in a simple exercise machine, walk the dog, or jog around the neighborhood. 

Replace inefficient appliances; purchase ones with energy-saving features
Before buying a house, know how much property tax should be paid. 
Borrow books and movies at the public library or local movie/book rental store
Clean out the pantry every two weeks. 

There are more ways to earn money, depending on one’s attitude. Be grateful rather than complain for not earning enough money or having enough of it. Obviously, change of attitude will aid in making more money and help reduce expenses. 


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