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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: Best Time to Stock Up on Survival Gear & Electronics

November 18, 2016       Tech Buzz
Black Friday &
Cyber Monday:
Stocking Up on
Survival Gear!
Deal hunting? Not another Home
Theater  TV, Get a survival torch,
solar batteries or audiobooks instead.

If there is any good time to take advantage of markdowns or clearance sales for survival equipment or replacing broken home appliances or upgrading your gear after decades of use, looking at Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales deals may help you find the biggest savings and cheapest buys for big ticket purchases.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a yearly online shopping bonanza for everyone with access to the internet ever since online retailers started dumping their inventory for cheap before Thanksgiving. 

The trend started with the U.S. but was adopted by retailers the world over after seeing record sales for this pre-holiday shopping frenzy for markdowns.

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A record $2.74 billion in worldwide sales on Black Fiday and a higher $3 billion in online sales on Cyber Monday's November 2015 shopping wndow.  The event is highlighted by promo deals for inventory clearances and significant discounts on electronics and home appliances.  Other products such as last season's fashion line, book releases, and premium toys also have a sales frenzy with people really saving up to grab what they can and take advantage of the various markdown promos from online retailers and shopping malls.  There are sites dedicated to these shopping dates that collate all the deals and

We take a look at better opportunities for everyone digging into all the online promo offers to buy stuff they need.  Particularly for off-grid situations:  necessities such as LED lamps, battery banks, survival flashlights, thermal blankets and the regular good stuff like books--which don't need to be plugged in for you to enjoy when the grid goes down.

People like the huge savings generated and they tend to time all their major purchases during this period for big ticket items like state-of-the-art HD TVs, smartphones and laptops, home appliances and for everything else such as premium toys and last season's fashion and clothing.

Power and Lighting for Off-Grid

Many survival LED flashlights are offered for cheaper during Black Friday or Cyber Monday online sales.  You might want to invest in a premium brand like the U.S. police standard issue flashlight--Surefire.  Having a portable light source at the ready for emergency situations is something you always want and getting stuck in the dark after the sun sets in a blackout or power grid down situation is always a dangerous situation. 

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Cyber Monday might be the best time to buy
a Handcrank Radio Lamp.

Survival shops and online retailers offer stuff like 150-hour candles (in packs of 10) for camping and also for emergency situations--even if they may be rather pricier than normal wax candles.  Another staple includes hand-crank devices, which have a built-in rechargeable battery with a hand crank for charging.  Rechargeable handcrank devices include lanterns with radios, survival FM radios, and lamp-lanterns.

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Suaoki 220Wh Portable Generator Power Supply
Household Storage Lithium Ion Battery available in
one online Black Friday promo.

Power banks are also a good investment so you can recharge communication devices like a smartphone and keep them powered in emergency situations.  You might want to beef up your home's battery bank reservoir if you can find cheap solar rechargeable batteries specifically designed for battery banks on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  Home solar may also be a good investment for Black Friday or Cyber Monday markdowns.

Books and Audiobooks

The cheapest and best form of entertainment in any off-grid or emergency situation would still be reading a hardcopy book.  A book or novel may be bulky and may not be an ideal carry-all if you need to bug out but if you are in any place that is a safe-house or an off-grid hideaway, and you don't want anything noisy ro conspicuous or energy consuming as your form of entertainment, you will want to have your favorite books on hand. offered up to $10 discount on hardcopy books in 2015. Black Friday shopping promo.  Audiobooks costing up to $15 a download or for a DVD copy can be had for as low as $1.99 each for discounted titles.  Other online book and audiobook retailers offer Cyber Monday deals that are also as irresistible for book hoarding fans.

Online booksellers offload most of last season's titles by discounts as huge as 60 percent off, during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  You might want to buy books of your favorite author that were too pricey during their first release and are now discounted after a year and availabel via Black Firday promos.  Audiobooks also make the same good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal if you plan to include any handcrank mobile device for playing back media files.

Video, Electronics and Appliances

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with gifting yourself with that 50-percent-off home theater system, some frugal folks looking for a nice purchase during Black Friday and Cyber Monday online shopping madness may still want to get older tech or electronics.  There is no shame in using a product that may be one to two years old with less features that state-of-the-art thingamajigs.  You can still enjoy a good Full HD TV for cheaper during Cyber Monday over a discounted but still pricey ultraHD (4K) TV.  But if you can afford a good purchase like the Toshiba 49-inch 4K ultraHD smart TV on this site at $199, when other brands of the same specs are priced at $400 and higher.  A half-price deal for high end electronics is still hard to beat.  The same ultra HD TV is sold at the same brand vendor in Canada for $799.

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If you can afford to purchase deal steals like $199 for a
regular price $799 HDTV, why not?

HD media players are also a good investment because they are portable and can plug into any video TV monitor with HDMI compatibility or regular analog TVs.  Smart phones may be the worst investment for off-grid situations because when your service gets blacked out, you're stuck with an expensive media player device.  Old mobile phones called dumb phones might also be a good purchase as emergency communication devices.

Premium and Collectible Toys

Although video games also make a killing during Cyber Monday, a better purchase for your guilty pleasure may be those premium and collectible toys.  We're talking of action figure series of some comic book or anime characters, toy sculpts, designer board games, toy merchandise and the like.  Or model kits of your favorite robot anime.  Toy retailers everywhere get rid of inventory via clearance sales timed during Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping dates to get buyers to buy more toys than they would usually buy because of the huge price cuts.

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Toy retailers have clearance sales of inventory overruns on Black Friday

Kids everywhere and of all ages are nostalgic for at least one or another cartoon character, spaceship, fighting mobile suit-aka robot from growing up watching Japanese cartoons.  From that limited series Astroboy action figure, to die-cast special edition robot toys, to the pirate ships in One Piece, there is something for everyone.  You can only buy one or two of course as your Linus pillow plaything, because if off-grid situations arise, you can't bring a drawer full of toys along with you.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription box services are also offering hefty discounts for first box orders made within the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales promo period.  Some sites are offering specialty boxes just for the occasion as come-ons for people looking for gifts and would like to check out if a subscription box works for them.
You can check out and for deals offered for black Friday.

Image Source:  Try the World
A subscription box promo for Black Friday 2015 from
a gourmet food service

The period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the second half of November before Thanksgiving may be a bane to a spendthrift impulse buyer but it is also an opportunity to find great savings among all the inventory clearance and product markdowns for electronics, home appliances, books, and most importantly survival gear.


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