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Why Waiting Can Be the Best Thing to Do

August 15, 2015       On Higher Ground
Sometimes the Best
Thing to Do Is Wait

Learning how to wait is the great secret of success.

Working towards a goal requires patience. 
More often going slowly and surely is the better way.  Waiting for the work to come into its own without compromise is the most ideal way of doing things.  Aside from smart and hard work, patience requires that one is also willing to wait. 

Waiting does not necessarily mean doing zip.  And sometimes it means exactly that. Perseverance means knowing when to dig in and keep at it, but also when to take a break and let things fall into place.

Waiting doesn't need to be boring.  A good attitude and enjoying
yourself is part of patience.

Like writing stories, life is a process of learning and more often, waiting and being patient is a part of learning the lesson well. 

Some people want to railroad a process.  Some people get things done by hook or by crook.  That produces twisted rewards.  Doing the unexpected works wonders but taking advantage of people to bring ruin so that success can be achieved is not what waiting or patience is all about.

The Rewards of Waiting and Patience

The greatest lesson taught by Christ is NOT John 3:16.  No matter how inspirational hoodoos spout feel-good goofiness about that part of Scripture, the greatest lesson taught by Christ is actually learning to be patient once you commit to His way. 

Patience also means having the courage to weather the storm
and wait it to pass.

To wait.  To work persistently and to let something come together in its own time instead of chasing it down by hook or by crook.  This works the same even in the time of Solomon who recognized that all things come together in the Lord's own time.  Waiting does not mean doing nothing at all.  The Lord works His way and puts things together for everyone, from opportunities, workarounds, abundance, miracles.  Because we value what is gained if it is bestowed upon us in the Lord's perfect timing.  When people face obstacles to success, it is so that they can learn how to do something better and learn what mistakes to avoid.

The Lord made his first subject the most beautiful and powerful among his creations, and this caused it to become vain and all that is evil.  Because IT did not earn its stature.  The Lord learned from this setback and from then on, the Lord has always chosen the weak who have patience and those who endure great adversity to become his greatest disciples.  Not those who take advantage of another because they can and they will.

Remember that a pillar of Catholic catechism is that "One cannot do evil so that good can come out of it.  That never works in the Lords books."  Do not let a wicked situation or wicked counsel SPOIL you.  Deceit is vain because it subverts your common sense and good judgement, all for a reward of iniquity. 

Wait.  Read what's happening so you see it exactly for what it is.

Part of the success of East Asians is that they can wait even
while they are working.
  The rewards come together in its own time.

“Patience is the quality that brings about inner peace, and together with perseverance, brings about success in whatever endeavor we choose to undertake.”

The Opposite of Waiting

Most people are by nature patient.  The opposite of the patient person is the busybody. Those who interfere with the lives of others for envy and covetousness and for a reward of iniquity.  These people sneer and connive just to put down another person because their ego can't accept another person finding grace in the Lord.  Like vampires, their own state of being is an empty husk.

Life doesn't happen for those who are not patient.  Life for the wicked (the busybody) is described as just a shadow in the Lord's time.  Because the wicked are always chasing for rewards by any means even when wrong, even if it costs them their soul.

Placating, mollifying and coddling evil costs more than you expect.  The popular Filipino cliche 'Bad weeds take a long time to die" doesn't hold water when seen through the Lord's teachings.  There is no trace ever that the enemies of the Lord ever lived.  They never were.  Just like shadows.  The Lord makes sure of that.

Wait and Put the Time In

Life requires patience and persistence and a willingness to see what line is written inside of you.  Things take time. Life has a learning curve that is steep and miracles don't come into their own overnight.  Growing up takes time.

Growing up takes time and going through life's experiences is part
of patience AND waiting.

Accept that you have to go through things first and learn from them because the experience is more rewarding and you make better decisions off them.  Learning how to forge ahead and take risks is also a matter of waiting.  Waiting for the perfect timing.  That may be yesterday or in a year's time.

Learn to be patient knowing that waiting often allows situations to resolve themselves without stress on your part.


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