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The Wisdom of Barter: A Man with a Trade can Offer Services in Exchange for Goods

June 10, 2014       On Higher Ground
The Wisdom of Bartering
In a Bartering Society, the Tradesman
Gets a Chance to Avail of Exchanges

Some skilled trades the world over have been replaced by modern technology, ranging from automated sewing and stitching machines, electronic and digital presses, new materials technology, and so many other hits that entire workforces that used to ply their trade as craftsmen or tradesman have slowly dwindled to almost nil.  Right now, world economies are slowly showing cracks that are so difficult to remedy without extreme solutions that political compromise is often the answer instead of a real and lasting solution. 

Economic bubbles collapsing is the least of your worries.  Jobs move overseas, the cost of living is never going to lose steam going up, and production gets bogged down when demand suddenly shifts to the next new thing.  A grid community or society that sustains itself on consumption and debt alone will cannibalize itself in due course, if people stop looking to make things for themselves and settle for that  as a way of life. 

A BARTER Network might be the most unseemly yet viably powerful option for when the system cannot sustain itself anymore and people need a way to survive.  But a commune of bartering people require that participants actually have necessary goods and services to trade.  When the grid collapses and  people are left with nothing, what to do?  If the BPO business model suddenly shifted to Smart Ai automation in say China or Eastern Europe, away from Asia in say 4 to 5 years time, what are you left with if you don't  have anything to offer than... you know what I'm talking about. 

Customer service isn't a sacred cow that won't be excised when the needs must.  If people figure out that they're better off reading the instructions on the manual or taking out time to figure out how to put their purchase together then the BPO bubble goes kaput.

Knowing how to repair things may be the one of the most useful
skills for trade in a barter system, and so is being a health worker
like a nurse or doctor

The bottom line is, if you wish to survive after the collapse of the mainstream system that has been an illusion that will soon disappear, you must be able to either make a necessary product, repair a necessary product, or teach a necessary skill.  Few individuals can stockpile enough barter goods or gold and silver to live indefinitely.  A person with a trade to share when times go tough is not a regression from things the way they are.   If only to keep oneself alive with skilled services to trade for what you need.  Without strong, independent, and self sufficient people, a collapse of a system fueled by debt and consumption will turn everyone into the worst you've seen from apocalypse movies.

Top Priority Skills

Keep in mind that almost any skill that other people cannot do well has potential for trade, but some skills are more sought after than others. People who are able to produce their own goods as well as effectively repair existing goods are the citizens who have the greatest potential for survival in a BARTER market.

Next, are those people who have specific abilities that are difficult to learn and who have the knack for teaching those abilities to others. If you do not have any of these skills, or perhaps only one, then it would be wise to begin learning at least one more now. Keep in mind that competition will very much exist in a barter economy, so knowing as many skills as possible increases your chances of success.

Mechanic, Engine Repair
Welding / Blacksmithing
Firearms Repair, Ammo Reloading
Agriculture, Farming Expertise, Seed Saving, Animal Care
Doctor, Medical Assistant
Well Construction, Water Table Expertise
Engineer, Community Planning, Manufacturing, Electrical
Sewing, Textiles
Soap Making, Candle Making, Hygiene Products
Electronics Repair
Homeschooling, Tutoring

Again, there are definitely many more trades of value that could be learned. This list is only to help you on your way to self sufficiency and entrepreneurship in an Alternative Market.


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