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Amazing Pinoy Parks: Quezon Memorial Circle

May 8, 2015       Amazing Philippines
Quezon Memorial
Circle Park

Tambayan for Skateboarders,
for Family Picnics, and where
Manila Seedling Bank Relocated

The Quezon Memorial Monument in the middle of a very hot summer
afternoon.  At the Quezon Circle, you can Wu-Wei to your heart's
content and get more out of it for nothing.

One of the best green parks in Metro Manila is the Quezon Memorial Circle, a sprawling, tree-lined park right in the middle of Quezon City, near City Hall and going towards the University of the Philippines, Diliman.  In the middle of this circular sprawling park lies the towering monument that honors the late Manuel L. Quezon, former President of the Philippines, and from whom, Quezon City was named after.

The monument shrine also has a small museum which is usually visited during school field trips by many young kids.  Unlike the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, which has a small aviary and mini-zoo area for recovered endangered species, the QMC boasts of mostly playgrounds, a parking area converted into a weekend farmer's market or tiangge, and a huge wide open ampitheater area for events and outdoor film showings.

The Quezon Memorial Park ampitheater area, a spacious open
quadrangle for events and public film showings.

A tree lined walkway into the park area.  Walking or jogging here in
the early dawn is one of the few secret pleasures in the urban Metro.

QMC Park has vast open spaces that visitors can enjoy.  Wandering couples looking for a romantic spot to spend some time alone can find secluded park benches amidst handsome trees and manicured gardens, while kids playgrounds are spread all throughout spacious areas of the green park. 

There are tree-shaded paths for early morning joggers as well as areas where there are nice small restaurants or snack and beverage kiosks for those who might like to while their time away at the place. 

Basketball Gymnasium covered courts.

There is a good sized basketball gym that can be rented out for games by barkada playgroups that can be also be used for volleyball and badminton games.

Tree-shaded gathering area with a service gazebo for events and
other social get-togethers.

In some secluded areas, there are stone-cobbled grounds for private or public functions like Catholic Mass or a small school graduation party.

One of the best reasons to visit Quezon Memorial Circle is  plenty of
 green to wander about and get lost in while enjoying many of the
park's amenities.

The tree lined shaded areas are awesome places for bringing a picnic
blanket and hanging out with your life partner or your fling.

If you hate being cooped up in some dark and stuffy place, the
open air, tree-shaded park provides you with all the glorious sunshine
and fresh air--a pleasnt and welcome surprise for all visitors.

Nearer the ampitheater, are more open air benches for your afternoon
visit, or for meeting up with friends in a good place with less noise
and annoying crowds than any restaurant anywhere.

Water rides at the QC Memorial Park!  Go-Kart Rides too!  The part of
the park built up for families and kids.

Another playground area near the place with the water rides.  This one
has most of the standard circus rides from ferris wheel
to mini roller coaster.

Circle of Joy  is a playground for kids.  Kids can rent bikes
with sidecars too and enjoy the well-spaced bike paths.

The Circle of Joy playground also has plenty of slides and
obstacle climbs, but is spacious enough for a good romp around by
hyperactive kids.

Walkway jogging path with exercise machines at the park area near the
quadrangle ampitheater.  If you want a stationary workout area instead
of jogging around, you can set up here and still have a nice time.

The park even has exercise machines set in a row along the jogger's path to encourage health buffs to come early and use the place as their workout area.

You can also sit down to play chess alll morning as your preferred
form of exercise.  Mind control your opponent with double check tricks.

Taking cue from Eastern and Western parks, QMC has a small area with actual chessboard tables where gamers can hone their skill at one of the oldest strategy board games in the world.  Right next to the exercise machines runners' path. 

A Buko Juice stand with plenty of fresh coconut nectar sold for just
P15 for a good-sized plastic cup.  After walking around the park,
replenish your chug bottle here.

Small kiosks such as this one offer affordable fruit beverages while the others offer everything from fruit shakes, to flavored green teas and softdrinks as well as mineral water chug bottles  One small cafe even offers cocktails and beer, while another offers ice cream treats and iced coffees.

If not buko juice, there is the Circle Cafe on the same street path, offering
cocktails, energy drinks and your favorites fruit nectars and shakes.

An Ashitaba seller from the row of plant and horticulture shops
formerly located at the Manila Seedling Bank on EDSA, now relocated
at the Quezon Memorial Circle.  Ashitaba is one of the best proven
herbs for nutrition medicine against diabetes and other
degenerative ailments.

The Manila Seedling Bank gardening and ornamental plant stalls have successfully relocated to a very spacious area within the QMC Park periphery and along three in-park, street rows, and they now offer their combination of ornamental flora, gardening supplies and fruit bearing trees there  They even sell herbs for those wishing to start their own home container garden.

Planters and organic soils as well as vermi-composted soil mixes
can be found among the gardening shops and stalls at QC
Memorial Circle. 

A row of stalls selling all sorts of ornamental plants as well as herbs
and fruit bearing trees.

Looking to set up your own greenhouse?  Get some mist sprayers
for your home garden.

Places such as these usually are jampacked with families and barkadas during weekends especially if there are scheduled public entertainment events at the ampitheater or at any of the other areas around the park.  But if you visit during anytime in the middle of the week, you might just find that secret place in the Metro where you can have a lot of downtime enjoying the quiet and tranguil, sprawling green park by your own.  Visit soon and rediscover why green parks are STILL the best places to get alone by yourself and recharge just lolling around.


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