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Tips To Go Green At Home

March 15, 2014       Building Block
Tips To Go Green
At Home

Planet earth is slowly dying but it doesn’t mean giving up on it is the option. There are plenty of ways on how to save the environment without splurging on money. The best option is to identify a cost-effective way or alternative to the regular things at home and turn it into something eco-friendly. Here are a few of REACH UNLIMITED KNOWLEDGE’s tips on going green at home!

Re-Use Water

Conserving water by turning shut the faucet while brushing your teeth instead of letting it flow may be one way, but most importantly, you should learn to re-use water. For instance, in doing the laundry, you may use the soaped water to clean the garage floor or even the dog cages (if you have a dog). You may also use it for toilet flushing instead of using the flush. You may also collect rain water in a sturdy container with cover (be sure to cover it so the mosquitoes won’t breed in it). Use the collected water for watering the plants or even for cleaning.

Time to Unplug

There are several things in the house you wouldn’t mind to unplug – like the Wifi router or the lights. If the kids are scared to sleep in the dark, consider getting a light adaptor with timer. Before you sleep at night, set the timer a few hours to make sure the kids are already asleep. By the time the timer goes off, the kids won’t even notice that the lights are out. If this doesn’t work, you can also get an automatic night light that only turn on when it’s dark, and automatically shuts off when it’s bright.

Open the Window

Allow the sun to naturally brighten your home. Not only do you get to save energy, the morning sun looks way better as a source of light for your home. You may also allow the air to circulate around the house. In fact, allowing air come in may also serve good in preventing the walls from molds. It takes the moisture away and dries up the walls.

Switch to Online Payment

Not only do you save paper every time you switch to paying it online, you also get to limit your carbon footprint since you don’t have to drive just to pay your obligations. And it does save you from the clutter of bills which keeps piling up!

Read the Labels

There are already a lot of household things which are eco-friendly like cleaners and light bulbs. Make it a habit to read labels and choose the things which can help save the world – in their own right. You may also use a lot less tissue rolls by being mindful of how you use it. It wouldn’t just save the planet; it can also save you some bucks.

Leave Your Shoes

You may not know this, but leaving your shoes outside the house may save you more a lot than you think – just provide a nice shoe rack to keep your shoes safe. Leaving your shoes means less cleaning up the floors from mud or unnecessary tracks. Since your floor won’t be having many stains, you can just use a broom to sweep off dust and clean it with a rag or mop after – less scrubbing and wiping.

Get Creative

Everyone’s doing it now – recycled art. Re-create a used bottle as a decorative piece at home. Make a coin bank out of the juice can. Used food plastic can be re-used for trash bins. Turn a damaged tire into an outdoor coffee table. When it comes to art, the possibilities are endless – you just have to think outside-the-box. It’s good to exercise your mind every now and then.



Carbon Footprint simply means the amount of greenhouse gases you produce each day whether directly or indirectly. Greenhouse gases are made of harmful components such as carbon dioxide and methane, among others. And though the exact amount of greenhouse gases would depend on many factors, there are several online services which can help you measure approximately the greenhouse gases you emit to the planet. This way, you are able to learn if you need to do some more changes to do your part in saving the world.


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