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As Much Eggs as You Wanna: The Health Myth Debunked

September 18, 2014       Health & Healing
Eggs:  Why Eating More
Is Good for You

Eggs are a godsend for both the hungry soul and the decadent palate. They're cheap. They are absolutley delicious any way you prepare them. Whether as soft-boiled with a pinch of rock salt. Scrambled with onions. As an omelette with any choice fillings. As the glorious sunny-side up fried egg. Or as the healthy poached delight.

Eggs keep us healthy with more nutrients than meat can offer, and they help expecting moms have beautiful babies (eggs help babies' brain development). For the price of two dozen eggs, one can live off a week and a half just on them and some toasted bread. Or among Filipinos, whatever serves for the accompanying Plus-siLOG value meals—tapa, ham, bacon, longganisa and more. Eggs contain the full spectrum of B vitamins, omega 3's, acetylcholine, zinc, copper, biotin, and more.

Due to cholesterol fears, some health practitioners even advise rationing your consumption, but the British Medical Journal has revealed that moderate egg consumption may not have any detrimental effect on heart disease or stroke.  Though, if you eat too much on a regular basis, especially if cooked in oil, like any other food, chockful of nutrients, it will overwhelm your system and you get the bad which everyone warned you about.  Nevertheless, you CAN eat more than what naysayers have been finger wagging at.

Eggs may improve your reflexes. A 2014 study found that tyrosine, an amino acid found in eggs, allows individuals make better quick reflex action responses for any life-saving situation like braking in time to stop your vehicle from a collision. 

Eggs may help to reduce the risk of cancer. Antioxidants in eggs may actually help to reduce the risk of both cancer and heart disease.  Eggs may help to lower blood pressure. The protein in eggs reduce blood pressure according to a 2009 study.

Keep in mind that you don't have to limit egg consumption to breakfast. Make hard-boiled eggs ahead of time and keep them on hand for snacks -- eggs are a great pick-me-up for a basketball game. Eggs have also stood the test of time. They’ve been used in most food recipes for centuries.

However, here’s a quick run down of what the most popular egg choices:

Cage Free. From poultry not grown in cages.

Free Range. Free range hens and chickens are uncaged and allowed outdoor access on a daily basis.

Organic. Similar to free range but only fed certain types of non-chemical feed.


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