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Susan Vergara: Organic Soil Enhancers Create 70 per cent Better Harvests

September 26, 2014 | By: Blessing       Green-Minded
  Extraordinary Harvests for Organic Farming
Susan Vergara for Soil Conditioners (KHP)
Reach unlimited has been featuring good ideas and people who advocate growing one's own food and growing organic produce at that.
Life can be so much easier if we could go into the garden and pick off anything we wanted that was growing there.  Food that we grew ourselves with hard work and diligence:  From eggplants to tomatoes and potatoes.  To herbs and spices, and to fruits from our own orchard even!  Some homemakers have began and sustained their own Grow and Buy Organic and promoted shops and farmer's markets selling the best stuff on earth:  Not the juice brand but REAL organic produce like Antipolo's Kristine Garcia, proprietor of Emporium Antipolo.
We were lucky enough to chance upon Susan Vergara, a business partner, who is currently promoting a very successful organic soil conditioner from Australia, ( not a fertilizer ) that creates the best soil environment for any kind of organic produce, interviewing her about organic farming locally.

Susan Vergara is a business partner of KDSI, promoting
King Humus Plus
for organic farming productivity
locally and even overseas.

From the pictures we've seen, King Humus Plus, has shown tremendous potential for helping all local food growers have the best harvest and bounty, growing organic produce wherever.  Especially if used and applied properly to your field or garden sprawl.  Even for container gardens too!
Here is what Susan says about getting better yields from Mother Earth using their product..

A rice field treated with organic soil conditioner (KHP) , look at
how heavy the sheaves of grain are.

  Greetings, Miss Susan Vergara!  We've been seeing your product, King Humus Plus, becoming very popular in social media as an organic farming soil enhancer with farmers showing plenty of pictures and making unsolicited testimonies verifying product claims of KHP. How did you find the best agricultural product of the last 10 years for organic farming? 

(Kumusta po, Miss Susan Vergara!  Nakita po namin ang inyong produkto na King Humus Plus na nagiging kilala sa social media tulad ng Facebook, sa mga agricultural forums, bilang isang mahusay na organic farming soil enhancer para sa mga magsasakaat sila'y nagpapakita ng maraming larawan at mga hindi bayad na testimonya na maganda ang kinalabasan ng paggamit ng KHP sa pag-ani nila ng mas maganda sa kanilang organic produce.  Paano po ninyo nahanap ang pimakamahusay na agricultural product na nagawa sa huling 10 taon para sa organic farming?) 

A starting crop plantation, also using an organic soil conditioner, (KHP).

Susan:  Hello too, REACH, glad to hear you are interested.  Yes, we are now in the 3rd cropping stage after introducing King Humus Plus into the local food growing market, meaning 3 planting cycles have passed and people are having amazing results from the use of an organic soil conditioner to improve their yields. Our organic farmers' feedback from using our products have shown around 70% increasing yield for their crop harvests. This product can help any kind of organic crops. Not only in farm acreage but also in the urban farming and even household food growers using resourceful solutions like like container gardening.

Vegetable Produce harvested from fields that use organic soil
enhancers (KHP)
, healthy food that is plump and all-natural

REACH:  How does King Humus Plus work in getting food plants to be the healthiest, happiest and most bountiful harvest for everyone growing their own food basket?
(Paano po napapabuti ng King Humus Plus ang lupa para maging malusog ang mga tanim at maging masagana ang mga ani ng kahit sinong magtanim ng kanilang sariling pagkain bilang food grower?)
Susan:   Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some information about the benefits of King Humus Plus.  I would like to introduce our products called soil conditioners or HUMATE,

Humus are complex natural organic compounds that are formed in soils from plant residues, by a process of "humification". Humus materials are a complex aggregate of brown to dark colored amorphous substances, which have originated during the decomposition of plant and animal residues by microorganisms, under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, in soils, composts, peat bogs, and water basins.

Humus contains the minerals that were part of the bodies of the dead plants and animals. It contains nutrients (minerals such as, nitrates, phosphates, potassium, copper, zinc dissoAdding Humates is the most efficient way to increase the humus content of soil, as it is highly concentrated and much easier to apply than any other form of humic matter.

A sheaf of a rice olant, heavy with grains, using organic
farming techniques instead of chemical fertilizer.  The field
had been treated with King Humus Plus prior to planting.

Also, since humates are completely decomposed, they enter into no nutritional competition with plants for nutrients such as nitrogen (not the case with incompletely decomposed compost). Using humates restores the natural balance in soil necessary for optimal plant growth. The benefits found from using soil conditioners that are organic humates show some of the results you can expect, farmers are testifying that they are getting an increased yield of almost 70% in their crop harvest.

REACH:  About growing your own food as an advocacy for sustainable development, How do you feel about an off-the-grid lifestyle where there is less reliance on an industrial agricultural grid technology and a shift to organic farming that stretches from household backyard farming, personal garden farms, urban garden farms--where open spaces can be planted with food rather than ornamental high-maintenance plants and trees, and even factory farms like in Japan where controlled environments in unused warehouses can be suitable for growing food as a sustainable practice?  Why should people start thinking about growing their own food before it is too late?

(Tungkol po naman sa pagtanim ng sariling pagkain bilang isang sadyang katuparan para sa pag-unlad na kayang masustentuhan, Ano po ang inyong masasabi sa isang off-the-grid lifestyle kung saan hindi na masyadong umaasa sa mga industrial agricultural grid technology at ang pagbabalik sa isang organic farming na pamamaraan--magmula sa backyard farming, sa sariling mga vegetable garden ng urban homes, pati na rin sa pgakakataon na ang urban public spaces ay mabigyan sana ng taniman ng pagkain tulad ng gulay at punong kahoy na nagbubunga imbes na mga park or mga ornamental na halaman lamang, at pati na rin mga bakanteng gusali na maaari namang lagyan ng mga factory farm katulad ng sa Japan kung saan konting pagsasaayos lang ay nagagawang farm na ang gusali para sa pagkain para sa tao?  Bakit magandang palaisipan at gawain ang magtanim ng sariling pagkain tayo bago maging huli ang lahat?) 

Now that the entire economy is in a slump, people are responding by tightening up their belts and reducing  consumption and spending in general, not just at the pump. The cost of everything seems to be skyrocketing higher these days, especially at the grocery store, a trip you can't skip.  Maybe you can skip it a few times, or at least drastically slash your food bill, by growing your own food.

Growing fruits and vegetables seems overwhelming to most people, but it’s actually much simpler than it sounds. Plus you don’t have to trade in your suburban or urban lifestyle for a life in the sticks in the name of self-sufficiency or savings.  All you need is a few square feet of the great outdoors, a water source, and a little time.
REACH:  There is a danger of GMO companies penetrating Philippine agriculture and making farmers beholden to a corporate practice enslaving food growers to bad farming technology, how do you feel about GMO farming?  Despite some sectors that even include academic institutions and some agencies advocating that GMO is really beneficial for food growers, how should we be aware of GMO products?  What partiuclar produce are you aware of that is mass produced locally that are already GMO farming by-products?  Some have said local yellow corn and too-perfect eggplants should be carefully bought if one wants to avoid GMO produce.

May panganib na ang mga GMO companies na nakapasok na sa Philippine agriculture at nagtatali sa mga magsasaka na maging alipin sa masamang pamamaraan ng pagtanim at pag-ani ng pagkain na may genetic manipulation, ano po masasabi ninyo tungkol sa GMO farming?  Kahit na may mga sektor na kasama ang academic institutions at mga ahensya na nagsasabing makakabuti ang GMO products, dapat ba tayong maging maingat sa mga GMO products?  Ano po ang mga kilala ninyong mga produkto or pagkain na medyo delikado dahil sa GMO farming?  Marami na ang nagbigay babala na ang yellow corn at ang masyadong malinis na talong ay dapat bigyan ng ingat at pansin dahil ito ay may GMO produce na binebenta sa mga lokal na pamilihan.  )

Susan:   As an Organic Farming practitioner, yes I believe it is dangerous for GMO to take hold of our food supply. That is why if we notice, our government implemented  the R.A  10068 GO ORGANIC PHILIPPINES.!  Why should we avoid GMO products? Let me give some concrete examples. Firstly, toxicity is a huge issue surrounding chemical pesticides and herbicides, used commonly with GMOs, in addition to the toxicity inherent in growing these plants. GMOs may be toxic to non-target organisms, bees and butterflies being the most talked-about examples currently. Bees are hugely important in the pollination of many food crops, but are unfortunately extremely endangered by modern agricultural techniques, such as GM crops. Monarch butterflies are specifically at risk from GMO maize plants. In addition to bees and butterflies, birds are also at risk from pesticides, and work as biological control agents and pollinators, again, like bees.

Over the past few years, a number of countries have completely banned GMOs and the pesticides that go along with them, and they are doing so for a reason. The latest country to consider a complete ban is Russia after top government scientists recommended at least a 10 year ban.
REACH:   How can your product make a self-reliant food grower more productive with his efforts and resources?  Can you identify the strengths of KHP over regular chemical fertilizer technology and dangerous GMO farming techniques?

(Paano po naiiba ang KHP para sa mga self-reliant na food grower par maging mas masagana ang ani at mapakinabangan niya ang kanyang pagod at maliit na puhunan pati yung lupa niyang hindi naman kalakihan?  Ano ang lamang ng KHP sa mga regular chemical fertilizer technology at ang delikadong GMO farming techniques?) 

   King Humus Plus is not a fertilizer. It is what is called a Humate soil conditioner and plant growth stimulant, the benefits of this product stimulate beneficial microbial activity, improved soil structure, promote humus development , balance soil Ph, improved water holding capacity, increase root vitality, has Chelating Agent. improve nutrient uptake, provide better seed germination, increased organic fertilizer retention, improved harvest yields, and produce Healthier Plants, give better food so your get healthier people, is very eco-friendly, and restores the land to make it fertile again.

Product sample of the Organic Soil Conditioner
with instructions how-to-use at the back.

REACH:  Can you help readers find reliable distributors of your amazing product?  Where is  King Humus Plus available at this moment and how can other people get it on a regular basis for their personal food growing commitments?
(Paano po mahahanap ng mga nagbabasa nitong interview ninyo na mahanap ang mga reliable distributor ng inyong mahusay na produkto?  Saan po available ang King Humus Plus ngayon at paano po ito ma-order po sa inyo ng regular basis para sa mga commitment ng mga taong nagtatanim na ng sariling pagkain, pang negosyo man or pang sarili?)

Susan:  As of now, our products are available nationwide, I can also refer readers to thethe official page of Organic farming King Humus Plus The Future of Philippine Agriculture, or they can contact as through facebook. Just search for Susan Vergara.
REACH:  Aside from KHP, what other products are available from you or from other people who are active in organic farming that you might want to share with our readers that can help them get better yields for their planting, find better heirloom seeds, or any other useful information such as farmer's markets for organic produce?

(Bukod sa KHP, ano po pang produkto ang mayroon sa company po ninyo at pati na rin sa mga taong bumubuhay ng organic farming sa ating bansa na kilala po ninyo at maari po ninyong ma-share din sa mga readers natin para gumanda ang kanilang mga harvest?  Saan po makakahanap ng magandang binhi locally for organic farming or gardening?  Ano po mga kilala ninyong farmer's markets na nagbebenta ng organic na produce locally sa buong bansa?) 

Susan:  Our Company is now offering Organic Livestock products,  (that we called “King Humivet”). For now we don’t have any kind of heirloom seeds.  We recommend food growers to source or get their heirloom seeds from the local Department of Agriculture so they can communicate with local seed providers among farmer's associations affiliated with them.

REACH:  There was a recent feature on TV and in the newspapers about one smart Filipino farmer, taking advantage of crop rotation and cash crops, making his first million off farming alone.  Agriculture has always been looked upon as a poor man's endeavor by plenty of people who don't know any better in this country, yet in the U.S., young people are choosing to be farmers and leaving the rat race by the thousands to grow their own food.  What are the secrets of growing food as a vocation that can help not only kids but anyone willing to plant and cultivate realize that being a farmer is one of the best and most noble professions and careers anyone can choose?  

( Nagkaroon ng isang feature recently sa TV at pati sa diyaryo tungkol sa isang matalino at masipag na magsasaka na nakinabang sa farming (crop rotation ng mga cash crops) na naging milyonaryo dahil lamang sa pagsasaka.  Ang agriculture ay madalas mabigyan ng mababang priority at ang tingin dito ay trabaho ng mahirap ng maraming tao na hindi naman nakakaalam ng tama at mabuti, pero sa U.S. ang kabataan nila ay namimili na maging magsasaka at magtanim ng sariling pagkain at iniiwan ang karera ng pasikatan para  makipagsapalaran bilang magsasaka.  Ano po ang mga sekreto ng pagtatanim ng sariling pagkain para malaman  hindi lang ng kabataan, pati na rin ang kahit sinong gustong magtanim at matauhan na ang pagiging magsasaka ay isa sa pinakamahusay at marangal ng hanapbuhay na mapipili ninuman?)  

Susan:  I also recommend to people interested in growing their own food nowadays to check with the Department of Agriculture, because they are conducting free training on farming and planting crop-yielding plants.  Prospective food growers can attend seminars or coordinate with the agriculture so that they can get accurate information and the best scientific and proven methods on farming so that they don't waste time or money. 
REACH:  There is a movement and advocacy in the U.S. called Open Source Ecology, and this group of the most intelligent and good-hearted people are showing people FREE plans and blueprints for building their own tools for making a living, from tractors better than expensive brand name machinery to bakery equipment and more!  It looks like people want to take control of their own lives by sharing what they know with others so that people can take the initiative to help themselves and do better than just sit around waiting for the government to bail them out.  How do you feel about the same thing happening in organic farming locally, people making all efforts to change the way we grow our food and sharing information so that people can find what they need to get started and start their own backyard farms?  How do people in the local organic farming community help each other sustain efforts to promote organic farming and create markets for better and healthier food?

(May isang grupo na kumikilos sa U.S. na ang pangalan ay Open Source Ecology, at isa itong grupo ng mga matatalino at mabuting puso na mga technical professionals na gumagawa at nagpapakita ng mga blueprint at mga plano para sa paggawa ng sariling kagamitan na pangkabuhayan sa mga tao sa internet sa kanilang website.  Mula farm tractor na mas matibay sa brand name machinery, hanggang sa bakery equipment at marami pang iba!  Parang gusto nilang patunayan na kaya ng tao na tulungan ang sarili na maging mahusay at mabuhay kung mayroon silang makukuha na kaalaman na nabahagi din ng mga mahuhusay na tao, para magkaroon ng kusang loob at lakas ng loob ang mga tao na makaahon at gumawa ng mabuti imbes na umupo  na lang at maghintay ng tulong at abuloy mula sa gobyerno para gumanda buhay nila.  Sa organic farming sa bansa natin, nag-iiba na ang pamamaraan ng pagtanim ng sariling pagkain dahil gusto nating maging malusog at pinipili natin ay ang organic produce at organic farming.  Binabahagi din ng marami ang mga tamang pamamaraan ng organic farming para lahat ay makinabang.  Paano po lalong maging maunlad ang organic farming at paano po tayo magtutulungan para mapaunlad pa lalo ang pagtatanim ng sariling pagkain at ang organic farming methods para hindi tayo umaasa na laging mayroon tayong mabibiling de lata sa tindahan or sa mga pamamaraan ng farming na hindi safe tulad ng GMO?) 

Other business partners of King Humus Plus at their
office in Mandaluyong

Susan:   Yes we can also help each other, campaigning for an organic advocacy to help Filipino farmers grow better food and get better harvests.  If we look back over the past 50 years, or even over the past 100 years, economic growth goes well only when people can sustain themselves with growing food.. Over the longer term, we know that people with bountiful harvests create societies that become more prosperous.  Even with a high world population, if people can grow their own food, everyone can live well.  The natural assumption is that economic growth will continue in the future as it has in the past because we are smarter now and we only need to share our knowledge so that everyone benefits.  We need determination.  Why do countries that pull together get over crises? Because they know the benefits of working together, providing healthy food for everyone so they can do better.  For a healthy lifestyle not only for present but for the next generation, an advocacy for organic farming and food growing is the only way to live.
Thank you, Miz Susan Vergara for giving us the time to showcase your amazing agricultural product, and we passionately endorse King Humus Plus as one of the best new resources for people wanting to grow their own food to get better harvests.  We hope that your company becomes a leader in organic farming technology because changing the way we grow our food is the only way we can all survive into the next century, not only in the Philippines but everywhere else.
Susan:   Thank you so much too Reach, this opportunity it can help everyone, not only us, to our country , but all over the world.  Let’ us all save the mother earth. Happy Farming!!!


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