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35th Manila International Book Fair: Bigger and Better!

September 25, 2014       Reach Out
35th Manila International Book Fair

Bigger and Better, with eBooks and Social Media too!

The Manila International Book Fair is the book lover’s Mecca, a yearly pilgrimage to find holiness--books.  Many book lovers look forward to this event - new books, cheaper bargains and the rare book signings by popular authors or book launchings by new authors. 

The convention is an annual shopping event for school librarians and it is also a place for book signing events by popular authors, seasoned storytellers talking about craft, and a convention with seminars for those who wish to learn more about the book trade.  There was also a robot demonstration on promoting science and technology in education training.  The 35th MIBF now even promotes digital reading like the eBook format or new social media platforms like Wattpad.  Here is our picture blog of the event showing what was offered by all of the good book shops and publishers in out country at the event.

The SMX Hall where the entrance to the 35th Manila International
Book Fair reveals treasure!  Best value books, no matter the cost,
for everyone who wants to learn and read.

Scholastic Asian Book 2014 grand prize Winner Ms. Sofia Marie Lee
delivers a message of inspiration to all book lovers.

Ms. Irene Lloren, President of Primetrade Asia, Inc. recalls her
first time attending the book fair and talked about the challenges
of promoting book reading to all Filipinos.

The Viva PsiCom partnership offering some of the best reading for
young readers, and some of them are already made into popular
movies this year.

One of the most popular titles:  Talk back and you're dead! 
Already made into a popular movie!

Tahanan Books, publisher of children's books and also the sister
publishing arm of Precious Hearts Romance

The Summit Media booth offering your favorite discounted magazines.

Pop fiction, the Wattpad JUGGERNAUT for romances
for young and mature readers

Phoenix Publishing, one of the mainstays of learning
publications in the country.

More popular romance fiction available from publisher PastryBug!

Our favorite bookstore, National Bookstore, the only local bookstore
that sells hard to find, and very good, ex-library U.S. books
for P100 and less!

MegaViz, a local publisher and distributor of Chinese translated
art books on digital art and design as well as popular art reference
books from China and HongKong.

As you can see from their offerings, you get best value for
Art Reference Books by the best Asian digital designers around.

The real FIND of the Manila International Book Fair are books offering
fantastic cultural reference especially for storytellers like us, from
comics and graphic novels, to children's fables.

If you want to sharpen your language skills, buy a foreign language
book and read it like a native speaker.  You also learn important
cultural norms about the language as well as the people who speak it.

Spanish language Comics and Graphic Novels, Children's
Books too!  WOOT!

The Spanish curator, showcasing one of the Spanish Classics,
a children's story collection, EGUBERRIA from NEREA.

Another secret find for storytelling fans like we,
the booth of the Embassy of Czech Republic!

Czech legends and fantasy, even science fiction too!  Eastern
European tales in their native language!  Learning a foreign language
like Czech and learning cultural nuances of their country is priceless
for the price of one of their books!

A poster offering cultural insights into the Czech Republic
inside their booth.

The Goethe Institut offering mostly travel books and art
and philosophy books.

Fully Booked, probably one of the most complete bookstores, they
have the best books in art and design reference, fiction,
management, learning, and creativity.

The Comic Book section behind the Fully Booked booth.

Felta, another local provider of educational materials for
children and young adults.

Emerald Headway, local distributor of some of the most
popular magazines like Reader's Digest.

The learning arm of Disney, offering English language teaching materials.

CE Logic, one of the new local providers of eBooks for learning!

100,000 eBooks available from CE-Logic is no small offering. 
Check them out too!

The Ateneo de Manila University Press, offering scholarly reading
from its extensive library of publications

Anvil Publishing one of the local mainstays supporting the equivalent
of OPM, but instead original Filipino reading for Fiction and
NonFiciton, as well as textbooks too.

The ADARNA HOUSE booth, offering the best in dual language-learning
for kids, English-Filipino picture books and activity books

Rex Publishing's grand design for their shop's booth, Rex offers
textbooks as well as entertaining reads. offers another story sharing service like Wattpad
for local writers.  Check it out!

Bugo is a mobile app offering free magazine downloads as well
as paid downloads of local magazines, most popular are the
local entertainment magazines.

Bugo offers self-publishing services too so check out their
publish on demand arrangements.

There were many tables like this at the Book Fair, some offering
books as cheap as P10 for local popular romances.  Remember to save
up next year for a month to bring home a library!

The Manila International Book Fair will keep attracting Filipino book readers and lovers in years to come.  As the world embraces a digital reading experience, where most of us will be doing our reading on digital tablets and smart phone screens, MIBF will still be here keeping with the times. But of course traditional books will never ever go out of the fashion.  No true book lover would trade their old, beloved, musty, hardcopy book collection for a glass brick library.


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