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Vietnam's Heritage: A Fine Place to Call Home
Vietnam is a country that has survived colonial rule and civil war to become THE success story of the ASEAN Integrated community. People in the region are excited for its future as a place for business, travel and for becoming a second place to call home. Thailand has had unrest and problems with traveller safety within its borders and Vietnam is being preferred as a better 'Land of Smiles.' The smart journeyman from anywhere in ASEAN should stake out his claim as soon as possible--find your niche in this gorgeous country--and the mutual rewards in Vietnam shoudl be worth the time you put in.
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ASEAN Unified Hub 2016: Enjoy Traveling and Setting Up Shop NOW!
ASEAN Integration 2016 is a whole new era of opportunity for locals of the region. Cultural and economic exchanges will become easier for citizens of ASEAN. Take a chance and visit our neighboring ASEAN countries and find out what's going good and how to set up shop for an opportunity like no other. Our regional backyard may offer far more and even better as holiday visits go; and also for making a living!
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A Holiday in Cambodia: A Frontier for Learning, Start-ups, Expat Retirement
Cambodia offers more than just the famed ruins of Angkor Wat. It is one of the fastest developing countries in the ASEAN Integrated community next to Vietnam and offers holiday surprises few may know. As the hottest new business frontier in ASEAN, take a look at the more interesting opportunties in Cambodia for investors, backpakcers, job seekers and expat retirees, or even ASEAN resettlers.
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ASEAN Indonesia:: Antique Shopping in Jakarta, Expat Paradise in Bali, Metalhead Idols in Bandung
Indonesia's new President Joko Widodo has delivered on his promise to invest more into green tech communities, local infrastructure and entrepreneurial incentives while cutting on gas and oil subsidies. Indonesia is also a very nice, mixed bag of opportunities and challenges for ASEAN investors trying to set up shop locally. Many expats claim that you won't regret betting on Indonesia as a place for finding success and the best extreme metal bands this side of Asia.
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Trotting in ASEAN Thailand: Floating Market Shopping, Expat Living Hideaways and Beach Holidays
Revel in Thailand and go find the best river market shopping in the ASEAN, enjoying fresh seafood streetfood treats while you're at it. The Land of Smiles also has off-grid mountain hideaways for expats, and party-all-night beaches for schoolies, the best learning institutions in ASEAN, and tremendous opportunities for regional start-ups basing their business there. Bad press warning expats not to look for trouble here is not without reason. Volunteer tourist police--westerners integrated with the local law enforecement to take care of rowdy partying keep excesses in check. Smile, Thailand is where opportunity is the best kind of trouble you want to invest in.
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