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The Library as a Sacred Place: To Survive with Dreams
A library is the best place for anyone to spend time to read. To cultivate an enjoyment for reading books. Reading books for pleasure promises anyone greater rewards than not finding joy in reading at all. And libraries help kids dream of changing their world for the better. No one survives life without dreams.
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Boxed Sets: Are Collector's Editions Worth It?
Drooling over that new limited edition boxed set coming out? Are we going to waste good money on reissued copies of our stuff, or are we getting a priceless heirloom that will soar in value in the future? Boxed sets are always the best holiday gifts for good friends. And a personal treasure or trophy completists can't do without. Most of us use the regular CD/DVD copies to rip media onto our mobile device but keep the boxed set for private stay-at-home movie/music marathons.
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