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Vietnam's Heritage: A Fine Place to Call Home
Vietnam is a country that has survived colonial rule and civil war to become THE success story of the ASEAN Integrated community. People in the region are excited for its future as a place for business, travel and for becoming a second place to call home. Thailand has had unrest and problems with traveller safety within its borders and Vietnam is being preferred as a better 'Land of Smiles.' The smart journeyman from anywhere in ASEAN should stake out his claim as soon as possible--find your niche in this gorgeous country--and the mutual rewards in Vietnam shoudl be worth the time you put in.
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Radishes: Unsung Antioxidant Veggie
The radish is a staple of sinigang meat dishes among Pinoys, an ingredient of the Japanese wasabi spicy dip and of Korean Kimchi too.. But this vegetable staple of soups, salads and dips is unsung for its powerful antioxidant properties and healthy benefits to the body--from alakaline fixing, to cancer prevention and providing fiber to clean up your digestive tract. Eat more radish and regain your health.
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