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Creativity: How to Tell a Story
Loave your hoard of romance novels? Enjoying your stash of comics and horror stroy collection? Next thing you want is doing the gig yourself! How to tell YOUR story?
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Pens and Notebooks Never Go Out of Style
Are you too attached to your mobile elextronic device or tablet for work, creativity, and design notetaking? What happens if your device becomes bricked? Can you survive with pen and notebooks? Some of the most precious work and design tools are simple and utilitarian, like a good pen and a nice notebook with good paper. Get yourself the best you can get and doodle away!
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Looking for New Hires for Your Big Project? Hire an Artist, not an MBA...
Design aptitude and skill sets that include artistic and creative abilities are now more valuable than ever before. A Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing or in Design is now the hottest ticket for career advancement as perceived by companies.
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