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Butcher: Weaving & Cutting
The Butcher is one of the smartest fighting Reds. One of the deadliest in the short knife slasher, hitting head and neck like an assassin. Is also a consistent body slasher gamefowl in the same knife category. A wicked fighter if you can get the Phil Marsh maintained bloodline.
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Pyle: Full Metal Slasher
The Pyle is one of unique off-color gamefowl known for its gameness and slashing prowess. An awesome killing machine with the long knife on its spurs, it takes no prisoners as a Full Metal Slasher.
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Yellow Leg Hatch: Yer Power Slasher
The most feared among the Hatch family of gamefowl. It is a cross of the Blueface Hatch, the Whitehackle and the Roundhead. It is also the smarter fighter among all the Hatches which have a reputation of attack, attack and attack. The Yellow Leg Hatch does initiate the fight but it fights smart, sometimes in a counterattacking style.
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