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Cranberry Juice : Healing Your Whizzy Fit Woes and More
Cranberry Juice is usually the first homeopathic remedy for 'balisawsaw' or UTI problems. But imbibing Cranberry Juice as part of one's diet can keep you healthier and less tired.
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Ginger: Fire for Your Chi Balance, and the Best Herbal for Healing
A cure-all for colds, flu, sore throat , fever and gastro intestinal ailments as well as extreme conditions like gout and asthma, ginger is one herbal remedy that is priceless for off-the-grid home gardens and even for urban gardens. If you are running low on funds from buying expensive meds, try using ginger as a homeopathic remedy and as effective treatment for most of your ailments. Start your own herbal garden with this root spice in mind!
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