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Off the Grid Lifestyle: Rainwater Cistern for Emergency Water Supply
Keeping a working rainwater cistern in your home provides you with a self-replenishing water source when water from the grid suddenly becomes unavailable. Remember when water was rationed when the dam reservoirs were depleted? A rainwater cistern is the best rig you can put together for both sustainable green lifestyle and for survival during emergencies.
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Fleet Farming: Orlando Community Volunteers Convert Lawns into Food Farms
Fleet Farming is a perfect example of a community based urban farming effort that promotes a sharing economy. They have a very organized system for making everything work including making use of fruits that would otherwise be spoiled--a gleaning operation meant to provide cheap and free food to the community. You can even pay them to set up your own food garden and harvest for yourself. If any good souls check them out, they would be the perfect rehab system for the urban poor, the rural disadvantaged and everyone else who wants to survive without being part of any rat race.
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Basketweaving Is a Life Skill
Basket weaving as a life skill should not be mistaken as some time-consuming primitive tribal task. Making a weave into a container using leaves, vines and bark is essentially a survival skill. Basket weaving can provide any off-grid community with human shelters, food storage containers, fencing, hunting tools, food wrap technology, maksehift body armor, makeshift footwear and many life-saving tools. Today's basket weaving skills can also create heriloom art installations, designer furniture and designer fashion accessories as well as bamboo mansions you can only dream of.
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