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Kamagong Arnis Sticks: The Best Weapon for Filipino Martial Arts Training and Survival Gear
Filipino Martial Arts training is renown the world over as one of the best street smart and street lethal self defense systems. If you want to learn arnis or stick fighting, as well as keep yourself protected with a weapon for survival and emergency situations, the best choice isn\'t any bladed weapon nor a gun but a Kamagong Arnis Stick.
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Filipino Martial Arts: Knife Fighting for Special Forces of the World
If Kung Fu or WuShu as a martial art has become a popular Olympic sport and entertainment spectacle for Chinese action epics , the Filipino Martial Art of Kali stick and knife fighting has become standard training for the world's Special Forces troops because of its effective and consistent performance in life or death situations. Know why you might need to learn how to defend yourself in off-grid situations with a blade fighting system.
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