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The Fighting Sweater: The Toughest Gamefowl Brawler that made Champion
Carol Nesmith developed the line now popular as the winningest breed of gamefowl in derbies - the Sweater. Everybody wants their own broodstock for their farm. Practically unbeatable in the pit, these proven champions are now being used as base stock for specialized fighting crosses with the Kelso, Hatch and other fighting bloodlines.
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Whitehackle: Aggressive Power
Whitehackle gamefowl make for one of the finest broodstocks for any sabong aficionado, They combine power hitting and unmatched gameness into an awesome pit fighting engine of a rooster. It is also one of the broodstocks used in creating the new Kelso crosses and Sweater crosses that are very popular today.
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Blueface Hatch: Power Extreme
All Hatches are power gamefowl. They hit hard enough to stun an opponent into submission. On top of that single stroke power, they have good cutting, gameness, and break high to evade attacks. The Blueface Hatch is one of the Hatch Breeds that is always welcome as a pit fighter in any gamefowl breeder's arsenal and for infusing power into other lines.
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Brassback: Yer Spangle Bruiser
Off-color gamefowl used to be culled as they were viewed as an inferior or recessive trait bearer. But not the Brassback, which is treasured precisely because of its spangled feathers. Brassback fowl fight as wicked as the original Albany and Warhorse broodstock and have attracted a fancy among certain breeders who like off-color gamefowl who fight well.
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Pierce Wisconsin Red Shuffler
The red shuffler is an old bloodline that some affectionate breeders still keep for its killer back-against-the-wall deadliness, and still being a fast, shuffle hitting, smart fighter that can kill from any angle.
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