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Supermaterials: A Future of Cool Stuff
In the past, materials such as Plastics, Kevlar and Carbon Composites and Superconductors have revolutionized the kind of products we can use to make our lives better. Now, materials scientists are breaking ground in making great new stuff called supermaterials: graphene, aerogels, metamaterials that can cloak light and more!
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Graphene: Carbon Super Material for Making Great Stuff...By Yesterday
Graphene is now the hottest idea among materials scientists looking to develop as many apps from the amazing carbon compound. Composed of a sheet of mono-carbon atoms, and layered with other 2D superconductors, graphene promises to be an all-around, multi-use solution for electronics screens, vehicle hulls, body armor, bio-engineering, and energy storage applications. In 5 years or so, expect everything in the market to be built with graphene infused materials.
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