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Boeing's Reversible Fuel Celll Power Plant: The Future of Microgrid Power
Boeing invented a new reversible fuel cell that generates energy as an engine and recharges itself off its own H20 byproduct. It will be used to power U.S. Navy microgrids and Department of Defense forward bases that need sustainable and redundant power systems in addition to what they have right now. Boeing's reversible fuel cell power plant technology may also have future applications for microgrid power for off-grid communities, disaster zone shelters, far-off research facilities in the Arctic and even in space missions.
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Basketweaving Is a Life Skill
Basket weaving as a life skill should not be mistaken as some time-consuming primitive tribal task. Making a weave into a container using leaves, vines and bark is essentially a survival skill. Basket weaving can provide any off-grid community with human shelters, food storage containers, fencing, hunting tools, food wrap technology, maksehift body armor, makeshift footwear and many life-saving tools. Today's basket weaving skills can also create heriloom art installations, designer furniture and designer fashion accessories as well as bamboo mansions you can only dream of.
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