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Earthships: Grow Your Own Food and Live Off the Grid
One option for living off the grid is to build an earthship in places where there are no zoning restrictions on the type of dwelling you can build. Earthship blueprints allow for the best use of recycled materials and off the grid power sources to keep those who dwell within safe and enjoying life as best as you can possibly imagine and more! Earthships are also designed for growing your own food onsite too.
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What is Off-Grid Living?
We all hear the buzz about living off-grid becoming a serious lifestyle choice for many. Not just retirees or yuppies and celebrity sports stars getting tired of the rat race, but even young kids turning to agriculture and farming as a way of life. Not just for the coming zombie apocalypse which everyone has a mad-on for. Living off-grid also means smarter living and a discipline that will keep one in good stead. Zombies be or not.
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