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Sports Biometrics Makes Waves in the NBA
The NBA has now adopted Sports Biometrics as part of each team's athletic performance analytics and player injury prevention programs. Sports Biometrics first made its most effective presence in professional football as a way of scientifically keeping players from sports injuries and for improving athletic performance. Will the use of data analytics in sports biometrics improve professional basketball teams for the better? Or is it a future worry for privacy issues and tweaking how players naturally play?
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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Is Slow Poison, Choose Natural Organic Heirloom Foods Instead
It is of grave concern that our country allowed the biggest GMO conglomerate to set up shop locally. You see constant articles in print media and even on TV that are outright endorsements for biotech or GMO agriculture as the only saving grace for the country's food supply. The righteous path can never be travelled by the wicked because they will perish. Be aware what GMO presents and watch what foods out there are tampered biotech products.
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