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Homeschooling Works! Novelist Christopher Paolini
Homeschooling might work as a smarter and more focused way of letting kids learn craft, and core values. Christopher Paolini is a prime example of a kid who could. At 15, writing his first novel, a fantasy epic called ERAGON, which went on to become a cult bestseller and a Disney movie to boot. Homeschooling produces some incredible talent indeed.
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Homeschooling Works! Christian SuperAthlete, Tim Tebow
Even for excellent athletes, homeschooling has produced incredible individuals. Not from their sports achievements per se, but with how they deal with adversity and how they win and how they don't let it all go to their head. Homeschooling builds character. One of the best products of homeschooling among sports athletes is former Pro Football quarterback, Tim Tebow, an underrated yet heroic quarterback who defies odds, spearheading come from behind victories in the NFL at his prime.
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