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NASA Scientists Discover 715 New Planets
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientists added 715 new planets outside the solar system, making a total of approximately 1,700 planets in the galaxy. The Kepler planet hunting satellite has usccessfully accomplished its mission of confirming similar solar systems with planets. Now, the Kepler mission will be cataloguing these finds in search for the ideal, so-called Goldiclocks planet where extraterrestrial life may exist.
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The James Webb Space Telescope: Finding the Secrets of the Universe Soon
NASA's newest space telescope will be in orbit by the year 2016. It is designed to unravel energy signatures unseen by current space telescope technology and find more secrets lying hidden in the vastness of space. Here's a look at what the new space telescope can do.
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Computers Going Quantum: NASA Runs First Quantum Supercomputer
NASA is now running the world's first quantum computer which could possibly change the way our tech works. The space agency will first develop computing protocols that will establish the technology as an accurate, extremely eficient way of using electonic computing power before commercial applications are spinned off. 5 years from now, expect the windfall to be amazing.
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