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Improve Working Memory Skills:: Play Board Games and Strategy Card Games!
Active working memory skills help kids learn faster and is a better gauge for future success. Smart kids with high I.Q. may become top students but working memory is what gives most kids an edge over just being smart. Board games and gameplay are some of the most important teaching aids for getting kids to hone skill sets and learn to focus on step ladder solutions to problems. Play has proven to be one of the best learning tools and board games might be one of the best available for enhancing working memory skills.
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Wuxia Favorites for Halloween: Once Upon a Time x 3 is Spooky Romances
Coming up is Halloween, or Sam Hain harvest festival, and you and your friends might want to knock off after the celebrations and wind down with a movie marathon. A Wuxia marathon with a spooky fairy tale theme might be right up your "group study" fix. Here are our recommendations for wuxia spooky fairy tale romances to indulge in on Halloween weekend..
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