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Fleet Farming: Orlando Community Volunteers Convert Lawns into Food Farms
Fleet Farming is a perfect example of a community based urban farming effort that promotes a sharing economy. They have a very organized system for making everything work including making use of fruits that would otherwise be spoiled--a gleaning operation meant to provide cheap and free food to the community. You can even pay them to set up your own food garden and harvest for yourself. If any good souls check them out, they would be the perfect rehab system for the urban poor, the rural disadvantaged and everyone else who wants to survive without being part of any rat race.
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Russian Organic Farming Surplus: Exporting Non-GMO Produce and Food
GMO Brands are currently insinuating in Manila news media that the Philippines can only avert a future food crisis if it adopts biotech agriculture (GMO foods). Russia has proven this as the biggest lie in the world by reorienting its economy to become the biggest organic food producers and exporters in the world. In fact, Russia earns more from selling food than from selling weapons to other countries! Rather than sustain GMO brands, we can resource our food requirements within the ASEAN and from Russia, and ask them to help us grow our own food like nobody's business.
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Growing Food Inside Abandoned Buildings: Smart Social Enterprise
Food growing warehouses in abandoned and unused buildings with vertical stacking farm tech are the rage now. From Japan after the Fukushima incident to Detroit renewing its urban wasteland with local farms and farm factories, growing food indoors has become a successful social, community and business adventure. Everything is grown pesticide-free, organic and sold fresh! Everything works as social enterprise--doing good for profit--making the best food one can grow indoors so food is free and available everywhere.
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